What Is Better For Gaming, DisplayPort Or HDMI? – Read Here

DisplayPort or HDMI. When it comes to PC gaming or gaming consoles, you may be wondering what’s better. They look alike. They, in some cases, offer a very similar audio-video experience. There are some important differences between DisplayPort and HDMI, however, to note.

DisplayPort Is Video Only

DisplayPort cables are video-only the vast majority of the time. HDMI is audio and video. If convenience is your main priority, you may choose HDMI over DisplayPort for this reason alone.

HDMI Is Easy And Offers HD Video

HDMI cables are easily accessible. HDMI 2.0 cables or 2.1 cables are recommended for any gaming. They will give you at least 14.4 Gbps of bandwidth, support 4K video and up, and have higher frame rates for 4K gaming.

If you aren’t sure whether to buy HDMI or DisplayPort, you can trust most buyers will choose an HDMI. At least, until the reasons why DisplayPort is preferred become apparent.

DisplayPort 1.4 Cables Have Audio Support

Any DisplayPort 1.4 cables and up have audio support built in. This equates it to the HDMI standard. You can also enjoy specs like 60 Hz refresh rates, 8K support, HDR capability, and more. DisplayPort 2.0 cables are also on the docket to be introduced into the marketplace in late 2021, with bandwidth up to 77.47 Gbps, up to 16K support, and the ability to handle multiple 8K gaming monitors with ease.

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What Do The Different Connector Types Mean?

Connector-wise, the 19-pin HDMI connector can wiggle loose over time if you regularly plug and unplug. A DisplayPort connector always latches which reduces this risk. This is perhaps only applicable to those that are routinely moving their gaming console around though.

DisplayPort For Gaming Or HDMI Cables

HDMI 2.1 cables have a lot going for them. They can handle eARC or enhanced audio return channel, variable refresh rates, and automatic low-latency mode. They are the preferred connection type for game consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X, and others.

Maybe you don’t have a traditional console though. A lot of people love PC gaming and computer gaming.

For those people, DisplayPort cables for gaming get you a better resolution and frame rate support. The techs are higher in DisplayPort cables in general. They’re relied on for photo and video editing by the top professionals in the world. Even with HDMI 2.1 being what it is, for PC gaming, DisplayPort is far and away the superior cable.

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