Why You Should Always Read The Instructions When Installing A TV Wall Mount

A lot can go wrong installing a TV wall mount. A surprising amount, actually. These horror stories highlight exactly why, when buying a mount, to always review the specs and to read the instructions before putting hammer-to-wall.

Didn’t Use A Stud Finder

There’s a reason they say to always use a stud finder. If you mount a TV on a bracket that isn’t affixed to any stud, it will tear the wall. You will end up with a long tear, not to mention a totally damaged flat-screen.

Stud Finder Was Broken

Sadly, we recently read an account of one person who did everything right and still somehow ended up seeing their mounts improperly installed. In this case, the stud finder was on the fritz. They didn’t quite have their screens mounted in the stud and, after a few days, their 43” 1080P television and everything else came collapsing to the ground.

Your TV Is Larger Than Your Mount Can Handle

Any full motion TV wall mount is only made for a certain sized screen. They have ranges. If your screen is too small or too big, it’s likely not going to connect. If it does, you’re still at risk of a collapse from the weight.

Your TV Is Heavier Than What Your Mount Can Handle

Yes, that’s right! Weight matters. Studs are tough. Mounts not so much if you buy a mount that doesn’t have the necessary might to hold up a heavy flat-screen.

Don’t Forget To Screw In All The Screws!

In one such case, one Canadian couple mounted their 32” 720P TV in their bedroom. A very lightweight and small screen, nothing to worry about they thought! Unfortunately, two of their screws weren’t adequately tightened. Months later, moving the TV outward on their full-motion mount, the screen came unglued from the bracket and came swinging towards the floor. Tough break.

The Bracket Is Not Correctly Mounted

It is imperative to make sure, once the bracket is screwed into the VESA holes, it is securely mounted into the wall apparatus. If it doesn’t feel safe, don’t move on assuming it is. Cheap mounts sometimes have this issue. It’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole. Don’t do it!

Trying To Do Things With Your Mount You Shouldn’t

Don’t try to modify your wall mount. Don’t try to repair it if it’s broken. Don’t try to use it as a full-motion mount when it is not designed to work like that. This will put your TV at risk. A guaranteed disaster waiting to happen.

Learn from the mistakes of others. Read line-by-line how to install your TV wall mount. Ensure everything’s where it should be. No compromises. Visit PrimeCables.ca today to buy a heavy-duty, high-quality TV wall mount tailored to fit your screen.

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