How To Mount Your TV If You Don’t Want To Mount It To A Wall

You may not have a wall to mount your TV to. The studs might not be there. Maybe you don’t want to drill into your wall and cause damage.

There are a lot of reasons as to why you wouldn’t want to mount a TV to the wall.

If this is you, there are a few other options you can try. This guide is all about showing you alternative ways to mount your flat-screen that doesn’t rely exclusively on drilling permanent holes in your wall.

Heavy-Duty TV Ceiling Mount

A heavy-duty TV ceiling mount uses your ceiling instead of your wall. These are often used in fitness centers, medical facilities, and anywhere that cleanliness could be an issue. It elevates a flat-screen upward and into a mount secured in your ceiling.

If you aren’t comfortable with a ceiling TV mount, don’t worry! There are lots of other options to consider.

Universal Tabletop TV Mount

A universal tabletop stand or TV mount accommodates flat-screens between 32” and 55”. It is essentially a mount that sits on your tabletop and lifts your flat-screen up to the desired height, similar to how monitor mounts work.

Being a universal design, the tabletop stand is highly adjustable and can be used on any countertop, tabletop, or flat surface, lifting your flat-screen up and creating that same ‘mount’ look.

Slim TV Cart For LEDs Up To 80”

If you don’t like the idea of a tabletop mount, a slim TV cart is your next go-to. It is a heavy-duty pole that extends upwards and provides a place for a mounting bracket that would otherwise fasten into the studs in your wall.

A slim TV cart is a great solution if you want that TV wall mount look but don’t want to drill in. It stations back-to-front with the wall and also can act as a way to disguise HDMI cables and additional home theater wires you may be using.

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Other Options That Aren’t A TV Wall Mount

  • An easel TV mount or easel TV stand is a very unique way to present your flat-screen. A three-pronged mount, it is modern, thin, and very stylish, supporting screens up to 65” in size.
  • A universal mobile TV cart is another option. Though it’s used often for business presentations, a mobile TV cart is on wheels and is another way to mount your TV, pull it into view when you’re using it and get it out of the way when you’re not. For multi-purpose rooms, this may be just the mount you need.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to mount your TV without needing to drill into your wall. Browse and shop all these and more at today.

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