The Benefits Of HDMI Splitters

For those who wish to divide a video signal in their home theater system and send it out to multiple outputs throughout your home, HDMI splitters come with plenty of benefits. They can be used with gaming consoles, computers, and other devices.

HDMI splitters come in handy in a variety of situations and not only for home use. They can be used in business or formal presentations, as the splitter is able to send signal from a laptop to larger monitors.

Reduce Clutter

For starters, one of the most obvious benefits is an HDMI splitter’s ability to reduce clutter. A splitter is able to provide a variety of functions, without needing multiple hookups. This means there’s no need for multiple cables. You only need the splitter. This is helpful for offices and homes anywhere as multiple cords often get in the way and can become annoying.

Send Signals Easily

A dual HDMI splitter is also useful in situations where one is using multiple monitors. The signal can be easily sent through one main connection. As mentioned above, this is a great tool for business presentations, during gaming, when doing graphic or video editing, or when you’re doing anything requiring more area than your screen allows. As long as everything is compatible between devices, it is a great tool to use.

Protected Information

Another great benefit to HDMI splitters is they will not allow copyrighted material to pass through. This can protect your personal information from theft and also protect you from potential copyright infringement. While some may see this as a problem, it really is a benefit. It ensures there is no unauthorized transfer of information if that information has an existing claim on it from a copyright holder.

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Active Splitters

There are different types of HDMI splitters. There’s “active” and “passive”. An active HDMI splitter is a type that has its own energy source which helps to boost the original signal so all displays get a great signal. This is important so the quality of picture or video or whatever you are sending through the splitter will be good. No one likes to see a weak signal or low-quality picture.

Extend Signal Over Longer Distances

Active HDMI splitters allow signals to go further than normal (further than fifty feet). Generally, a signal degrades after travelling so far. This can be troublesome, especially in larger locations. However, an active HDMI splitter boosts the signal so that it can travel further.

Passive Splitters

Passive HDMI splitters provide a power-efficient way to send through multiple signals. It makes multiple copies then sends them through the outputs which is not only power-efficient, but also straightforward. Though not as involved as active HDMI splitters, what you get with a passive splitter is ease of use.

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