What Do I Need To Set Up A Music Room? – See Here

How you reconfigure a room to suit a musician is all in what you put into it. Music can happen inside any space. Besides the instruments you need, however, a few important music room accessories can do a lot of good in helping set up the right vibe. This list is a quick countdown of what you need.

Pedal Tuner

Music isn’t music if the instruments aren’t at least partially in-tune. Although they make guitar tuning apps now, a standalone pedal tuner helps to encourage a turn-off of devices and maintains focus on the music.

Music Stand

You will eventually want to put some music sheets, chords in front of you, or place directions somewhere in your field of view. An on-stage sheet music stand is a music room essential you won’t want to forget.

Padded Bench Seats

You can’t have enough seating in a music room. A padded bench seat for piano is optimized for this exact purpose. It allows a musician to sit down with their instrument and move their hands freely without knocking into any arms.

Wall Mount For Guitars

A wall mount for guitars allows you to hang your acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and basses flat with the wall. Although a freestanding guitar stand is fine, it takes up space. A wall mount for guitars doesn’t.

Over-The-Ear Headphones

When you start getting into recording gear, things get expensive very quickly. To keep it budget-friendly, start with a pair of over-the-ear headphones. These can help with recording as well as learning new songs.

Metal Clamp Holder

A metal clamp holder affixes to your desk and with that, you have a convenient location for headphones. They aren’t thrown in a box or left in disarray on your desk. Held on a hanger, headphones are accessible at any time.

10” Ring Light And Tripod Stand

If you know your music room is going to be made to record live performances, i.e. piano and voice or acoustic guitar and voice, a 10” ring light with tripod can help in providing adequate lighting as well as getting your smartphone at just the right height.

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Tablet Mount

If you are reading lyrics or do a lot of music production while standing, having a music mount for tablets helps to keep your lyrics, chords, and other data in front of you while you stand and perform.

These are just a few of the music room essentials and accessories you can use to set up the ultimate jam space for you and your fellow musicians. Visit PrimeCables.ca to shop these music room must-haves and more.

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