The Best Quick-Charge True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in Canada

True Wireless earbuds are fairly common nowadays and worn by most avid music or podcast listeners on the move. No wires involved and usually equipped with a charging case, they let listeners enjoy their media without being tied to their device.

With so many types of earbuds available, trying to find the best True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds isn’t so obvious anymore.

Here is what we’d say makes True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds from the best in Canada.

Universally Compatible

This isn’t an Apple product where it’s only workable with other Apple products. This pair of Bluetooth earbuds works with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Bluetooth-enabled device.

Great Audio Quality specializes in discount tech, cables, and audio quality. Some of the best headphones and earbuds in Canada are available in the catalogue and these True Wireless buds are no exception. Total class.

Price Of True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Let’s face it, if you buy Bluetooth earbuds, you’re going to pay at least $45 for a decent pair. Assuming you want a wire at all, True Wireless is your only option. offers True Wireless earbuds for under $30. Huge savings.

Smart Features

A built-in mic. Up to 10 meters of transmission. Easy touch control to skip, adjust volume, and pause/play.

Low Latency

With cheap wireless earbuds, latency is an issue. The latest Bluetooth chip, however, reduces power consumption, resolves the distortions and interruptions associated with lesser earbuds, and yes, addresses the low-latency issue. No delay. Real-time mic capture. All the features you want in a set of Bluetooth V5.1 earbuds.

6 Hours of Playtime

Some of the cheap Bluetooth earbuds offer better prices because of inferior tech. True Wireless from without the charging case is good for up to 6 hours of continuous playtime. Add the case into the mix and you have even longer.

They Fit Nicely

True Wireless earbuds come in different designs, just like non-Bluetooth earbuds and headphones. If you’re used to the style of earbuds these are, rest assured, they will fit snug and comfortable ensuring you’re not inclined to not wear them.

USB Type-C Quick Charging

You don’t want to be waiting around for your earbuds to pick up a charge. Through USB-C connection, your charging case charges quickly and allows you to get going with a way to recharge in no time.

Shop the best audio quality today with quick-charge True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds from

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