Is an Outdoor TV Antenna Better than an Indoor One – See the Benefits

Despite impressively modern designs and functionality, the perception of TV antennas are that they are old-fashioned, bulky, and aren’t overall a great option for free over-the-air TV. High-definition TV antennas have come a long way over the years.

Subscription streaming services aside, a little over-the-air TV access isn’t a bad thing with local news and programming something you won’t necessarily find on any service like Netflix. Surprisingly, indoor antennas work rather well at finding and receiving signal. Even so, there are limitations. Is an outdoor TV antenna better than an indoor setup – well, yes. Here’s why.

How does an outdoor HD TV antenna work?

Any HD TV antenna is a transducer which means it receives electromagnetic waves and then converts them into electricity signals. An outdoor TV antenna is both a receiver and transmitter. Any waves – radio or TV – intercepted by an antenna is converted to either video or audio according to what’s possible by the type of the wave.

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Why to get an over-the-air TV antenna in the first place

Using an indoor or outdoor TV antenna, you’re immediately saving on cost with free TV. No subscription or cable bill. If you don’t watch a lot of TV, here’s your solution and you still get up to 20 channels – a lot of which are local – with news, sports, and common television programs.

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Can’t I just use an indoor TV antenna?

An indoor TV antenna is a more budget-friendly, affordable solution. While it works well, it also compromises a lot. For example, an indoor antenna isn’t mounted on any kind of high point meaning that there will be interference. Signals have to travel through walls and objects, which reduces signal quality.

Why an outdoor TV antenna is a better option

An outdoor TV antenna is better than an indoor model because it operates interference-free, boasts a higher frequency, and will provide a better signal quality.

If you live in a major city like Toronto, you can receive a lot of signal from an indoor antenna. In more rural areas though or even outside of the downtown area, you’re going to start seeing worse and worse capture.

Outdoor TV antennas reach further, and will ensure you’re getting the maximum quality and amount of signals as possible.

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An outdoor TV antenna is well worth it for anyone who doesn’t watch a lot of TV, who want to reduce their cable bill or get rid of it altogether, or who wants an upgrade over an indoor model. Pick up yours today from Canada’s own PrimeCables.

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