Cheaper than Amazon, Living basic AA batteries 8-pack on sale for just $1.99!

AA batteries on sale through PrimeCables, right now for just $1.99. LivingBasics is our brand of long-lasting, durable, zero-mercury alkaline batteries, that are normally listed at $6.99. It’s cheaper than Amazon, with fast shipping available all over Canada for just $5.95, and free shipping on all orders $49 and up!

AA battery
AA battery

Why spend more money shopping for batteries at the drugstore or big box store? LivingBasics guarantees a cheap, effective solution to all your power needs.

If you’re not on the market for rechargeables, our alkaline batteries are perfect for devices with low current draw, that are usually turned off, or just things around the home, like TV remotes, flashlights, and electronic toys.

8cef3-CAB-ALK-AA-8B-Battery-Charger-AA-8pcs-box-alkaline-battery-paper-box-packing-30pks-carton.jpgTested in an independent laboratory, these batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards of national leading brands. With a long shelf-life, of around five years, and anti-leakage protection, you can store them and pop them into your device whenever you need and rest assured they’ll hold their charge and be ready to power whatever you put them in.


They come packaged in a paper box, perfect for gifting, keeping in storage, and easy to recycle once you’re done with it. Cheap to ship, you can also reuse it to store any depleted batteries until it’s time to recycle them.


Order as many as you like and stock up at home, making sure you never run out of juice for your TV and home entertainment system remotes, flashlights, porch lights, barbecue starter, remote control cars, boombox, toothbrush, wireless mouse, video game peripherals, camera flash. For just $1.99, you could purchase them in bulk and save yourself from going to the store for the rest of the year!


You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.


PrimeCables has everything for your battery needs. Get yourself a 20-pack for just $4.89! Or, if you’re in need of AAA, same price! Perhaps you’re looking for 9Vs? Two-pack is on sale for just $2.49!


If you’re not satisfied with your shipment, we offer a 365-day warranty on all our products and free return shipping. With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, order today and get them tomorrow, with our fast shipping option!

If you need it, we’ve got it.

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