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Why Every Working Professional needs a Portable Laptop Stand

As a working professional in the modern age, you’re probably not just on the clock from 9-to-5. Many are on-call almost 24/7 seemingly, especially those who have a home office, who work-from-home, or who run their own businesses. At any given moment, you may need to snap into ‘work mode’. For those moments, we think a portable laptop stand can…

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PrimeCables’ Height Adjustable Laptop Stand Product Review in time for Black Friday

As many of us use our laptops in many different settings, it’s important to ensure we maximize viewing angle and comfort. The PrimeCables’ height adjustable laptop stand aims to provide required support to ensure you’re able to comfortably watch media on your laptop from wherever you may be. Be it in bed, on the couch, at the kitchen table, on…

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4 Back to School Accessories to better organize your At-Home Study Space

PrimeCables’ back to school deals are second to none, in their respective categories. See gigantic sales, monster discounts, and save up to 50 percent off on select products. To help organize your at-home study space, we’ve put together a quick list of top back to school accessories we’d recommend checking out.   High quality USB charging cable   We all…

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Back to School Tip – get an Adjustable Laptop Standing Desk for under $20!

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones have become a part of the education experience in Canada. Especially at the late high school, college, and/or university level, it’s difficult to find a student that does not have one of the three. These devices help in times of researching, studying, writing, and more.   For the back to school season, if you’re looking for…

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Get a laptop stand for under $10 during the back-to-school sale at!

Right now, you can purchase the PrimeCables® Ergonomic Height Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Stand for just $5.99! This laptop stand is perfect for typing notes during lecture, working from home in bed, or in the library, where ergonomic workspaces are rare, now we are offering this during back to school sale! Going back to school this fall? Then you’ll want our Ergonomic…

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Looking for an Ergonomic Solution for your Laptop? Try our Height Adjustable Laptop Stand!

Those of us who prefer laptops over smartphones and tablets will oftentimes experience some aches and pains as time wears on. The constant hunching over a laptop can easily ruin a person’s posture. Thankfully, the rise of ergonomic office furniture and accessories has meant new possibilities for Canadians who enjoy time spent on a laptop. Try PrimeCables’ height-adjustable laptop stand…

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