Get the Best Ergonomic Standing Desk Deal on Black Friday

Have you ever wanted a Black Friday deal standing desk – this year’s the time to buy. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sites for all things office-related, PrimeCables is passionate about providing affordable ergonomic office accessories to Canadians everywhere.

PrimeCables sit stand desk for black Friday
PrimeCables sit stand desk for black Friday

This Black Friday, swap out your old computer desk for something new. The sit standing height adjustable ergonomic desk is available with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Using a gas spring assisted lift, this standing desk comes with 41.5” in width for any monitor, computer, or laptop. There are twenty-two pre-defined height adjustments, making it easy for any user to find the optimum angle at which to work. Boost productivity while subsequently reducing stresses on parts of the body such as one’s neck, back, and hips.


Some of the other features you’ll notice with some of the ergonomic standing desk deals is embedded grooves to hold most tablets or smartphones, larger surfaces to place more devices, and an eco-friendly particle board finished with a solid construction. Needless to say, high quality ergonomic office workstations will be just a click away Black Friday 2018. There’s no excuses! In recent years, ergonomic workstations like this have soared in popularity. Save $100s. PrimeCables is covering the shipping at no additional cost to you, and we offer free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.


Some of the more interesting ergonomic office desk deals includes the award-winning exercise bike desk cycling workstation for $499.99,  a sit standing height adjustable desk and ergonomic foot rocker for $195.99, the Rocelco height adjustable standing desk for $255.99, a stand steady original standing desk for most desktops for $29.99, a height adjustable laptop and tablet stand portable for $5.99, and the ultra slim height adjustable sit and standing desk for $9.99.


Every person’s Black Friday wish list is going to be a little different. For many young professionals though, there’s an undeniable demand for better office accessories. This has made a significant impact into the types of products being offered on Black Friday. Whether you’re just looking for a desk to watch Netflix on or need something that can be relied on every day to boost your productivity, there’s a lot to browse. An abundance of options, if you want a standing desk at a cheap price, PrimeCables is the place to shop and Black Friday is the day to buy.


Shop your favourite ergonomic standing desk deals this Black Friday and don’t look back. Exceeding last year’s deals, you won’t find a better sale anywhere else in Canada!

PrimeCables Exclusive! Exercise Bike Workstation 30% Off than market price on the Site!

As the winner of the 2018 CES Innovation Awards, meet a combination exercise bike and ergonomic workstation.


Not all of us would be psyched to not only have to be at our desk doing work but to also be exercising at the same time. For those that are interested in the combination factor, you won’t find a better deal than this. A lot has been said about ergonomic office furniture. For example, height adjustable desks put the focus on being able to sit and/or stand while working. This takes things to a whole new level. Sure, you can sit down while working but you can also exercise on the bike as well. Vice versa, if you want to grab some exercise on your bike, you can do so while having your laptop in front of you to get work done, answer emails, or browse social media.


Through PrimeCables, we are offering this exercise bike desk cycling workstation on 40% discount for only $299.99. Buying online, you’ll also receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, alongside free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Note that there’s no installation required. Fully adjustable, the desktop forwards back, up, down, and tilts according to adjustability. Use it in both sitting or standing position as needed, similar to a sit-standing desk. You’ll be able to enjoy an ultra-silent design using a magnetic tension control system, providing smooth movement without pause. Also, the exercise bike has a digital display sharing calories burned, distance, speed, and time.


Hundreds of home offices and home gyms across North America are already equipped with this award-winning exercise bike ergonomic workstation. You may use it more for work or you may hope to take advantage of the exercise aspect. It’s a great multi-use product that is not discounted often so it makes this month a perfect time to buy. The flexible design encourages users to stay active and to be healthier. Even if all a user wants to do is surf the Internet, watch Netflix, do homework, or play a computer game, you can do so at this exercise bike and burn some calories in the process. Use the side handlebars which are adjustable to maximize your position and take the weight off your frame.


Shop PrimeCables today while quantities last. On regular price, you’ll find the exercise bike workstation for $499.99. Right now, that’s a $200 off discount. Buy today and see the benefits for yourself.



Top 10 Office Ergonomic Tips for Helping you to Avoid Fatigue

Here are fast, simple office ergonomic tips to help increase productivity, relieve discomfort, and maximize your ergonomic office furniture.


Arm Support


Support the weight of your arms by using ergonomic arm rests. When arms are not being supported, they’ll feel as sore as your neck or shoulders.


Head position

Do your best to keep the weight of your head directly above the neck. Don’t crane the neck or lean your head forward. This can result in a migraine headaches.


Monitor direct in front


Place your monitor no higher than eye level and right in from of you. Your keyboard should be right in front as well. This way, you won’t need to turn your head and neck often.


Do not jam the phone between shoulder and ear

When you talk on the phone, do so by keeping it in your hand. Unless you want an ache, don’t jam it between your shoulders and ear.


Rest your eyes

Periodically throughout the day, take a few seconds to get your eyes off the screen and identify an object in the distance to give your eyes a break.


No dangling feet

If you are seated at your ergonomic office desk and your feet are dangling, that’s wrong. Your feet should be comfortable and on the floor, with no pressure on the back of your legs. Some may consider using a footrest or something similar.


No slouching

Slouching is terrible for any Canadian, putting weight on the discs in their spinal column. A major reason why so many more young Canadians are getting degenerative disc disease, slouching isn’t right. Use your chair’s lumbar support and move your chair close to the table to avoid slouching.


Keep keyboard and mouse close

Ensure your keyboard and mouse are close enough to you to ensure you don’t need to be reaching for them throughout a work shift.


Keep your monitor not too close

Minimize eye strain by ensuring your monitor is placed at a reasonable distance away. Roughly arm’s length is a good rule to apply.


Minimize screen glare

Ensure your monitor is not placed in front of a bright background or window. This way, your eyes won’t have to struggle through screen glare.

By employing these ergonomic tips and pairing it with a great ergonomic workstation, you’ll be taking better care of your musculoskeletal system. Browse ergonomic office furniture, including height adjustable sit standing desks, at PrimeCables and shop the best prices in Canada!

Facts about Standing Desks that you need to know!

Sitting comes with many dangers yet every day, Canadians across the country are in a sitting position up to 16-18 hours a day. Between our work, our commutes, being on the couch, and being at the dinner table, we sit a lot. Day-in and day-out, all of this sitting adds up.


Thankfully, standing desks were released to the office and corporate markets over a decade ago. Combatting prolonged sitting, a standing desk allows a user to modify the height at which they work.


As offices across the country have implemented ergonomic standing desks into the workplace, the results have been very promising including improvements in mood, energy, and productivity.


In fact, things have been so successful that countries like Denmark have mandated for all office workers to be provided with a height adjustable desk! Canada might not be far away from getting to the same place.


Standing desks promote movement and it’s movement that is the key. When a human being is sitting, it’s an unnatural position for our bodies to be in. It adds stress to places like our shoulders, upper back, lower back, and hips. It creates a range of issues for the person who needs to go through all that sitting. A standing desk, especially one that is height adjustable, allows one to stand and engage their bodies as they do the same with their minds. Standing desks replicate the experience of working on one’s feet. It’s a positive, for sure, though office workers should listen to their bodies and move accordingly. If you need to sit, sit. If you can manage to stand then it’s important to do so. Believe us when we say that it comes with many benefits.


Let’s be clear in saying that working at a desk standing for the entirety of a shift is not necessarily any better than sitting throughout the same period. Movement and posture adjustment is good, and that’s where standing desks succeed. To maximize your health using an ergonomic desk like this, one must understand how to listen to their bodies. Ensure that the products you buy are adjustable to your needs. As an office worker, be encouraged to experiment with what makes you happy, comfortable, and productive. It’s different for everyone. Thankfully, there are more than a dozen high quality ergonomic desk models to choose from in the PrimeCables catalogue.


Browse PrimeCables to find exclusive deals, discounts, and sales on ergonomic height adjustable desks. Available with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all ergonomic desks above $49, now’s the time to buy. Keep the movement going and maximize this powerful tool. Needless to say, you’ll see big returns on productivity, mood, and health. Shop PrimeCables today for more information.

Is Ergonomic Standing Desk Height Important – read here!

Benefits of standing desks are well understood. Used at home, at the office, at school, and all over, ergonomically designed sit-standing desks protect against the dangers of prolonged sitting. Somewhat unfortunately, one thing that’s not discussed as it pertains to these desks is at what height a user can achieve maximized results.


The answer to that question is based on a user’s anatomy. The ideal height is determined in two ways – by using the user’s elbow level and resting eye level. The elbow indicates body posture whereas resting eye level indicates whether there’ll be a tilt to your neck, potentially resulting in back strain or neck issues.


Now, most high-end height adjustable ergonomic desks use a motor lift to change height. They also allow for seated positions, which is great for office workers who want to be able to stand or sit as needed. All a user has to do is push a button. There’s no crank or anything. That said, there are more inexpensive hand-operated ergonomic desks which can appeal to those on a tight budget.


There’s a lot to think about when planning the optimum height for your ergonomic standing desk. Proper keyboard height for typing is important. One wants their wrists to be in a neutral position. That means that they are not bending towards the finger or thumb and that they are not tilted upwards. When wrists are neutrally positioned, your tendons won’t be prone to the same strain that other office workers struggle with.


Regarding screen height, the top of your screen should be at a user’s resting eye level. A user should not be forced to tilt their head up or down. If this isn’t already achieved with your ergonomic standing desk, you may need to make some adjustments. When a head tilts up or down, it increases the potential for fatigue and discomfort.


A height adjustable standing desk is better than being seated for hours on-end however it’s not going to magically resolve all posture issues. It’s still important to take regular breaks, stretch, and, if appropriate, to use ergonomic office accessories to adjust the heights of your monitor and keyboard to minimize posture issues common among office workers who have to sit.


Browse height adjustable ergonomic standing desks at PrimeCables and receive your ‘free shipping’ coupon on any order above $49. Anyone serious about improving their health via an ergonomic standing desk can do so by shopping the best deals in Canada from PrimeCables. There’s no better place to shop!

Best Basic Ergonomic Starter Kit for Work on sale now at!

An ergonomic workspace is important to have for the sake of your health and your productivity. Right now, you can save $50 when you order the PrimeCables® Electric Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame and Portable Standing Mat Kit, just $219.99 until September 11, including free shipping nationwide!


The PrimeCables® Electric Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame adjusts to heights between 73cm and 123cm, giving you 50cm of height range to go from working in a sitting position to working standing up.


Canadians spend a lot of time sitting down at work, but standing up for even an hour each day can improve your blood circulation, posture, and productivity.


Fitting desktop table tops between 120cm and 180cm in length, and bearing a load of up to 90lbs. for table tops (176lbs. total), add the PrimeCables® Electric Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame to your workspace and find your own table top at your local furniture or hardware retailer.


The PrimeCables® Electric Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame can store up to 3 personalized presets in its memory. You can adjust the width to fit any work environment before setting up your workstation.


It’s safe and affordable to use, operating on 100V – 240V power input, with overload protection, a max speed of 38mm/s, an an IP Grade of IP20. The motor, small but powerful, is equipped to handle a wide range of everyday temperatures and thermally protected for your safety. It operates with a noise level below 50dB. Built of high-quality, impact-resistant MDF material and including cable management design, upgrade your workspace today.


Since you’ll be standing while working, we’ve decided to include the PrimeCables® Anti-fatigue Portable Standing Mat, providing cushion and support for your feet, so you don’t have to worry about paining your knees and back at work.


Measuring 18” x 22”, and weighing about 2lbs., it’s ultra-lightweight and simple to use. Just throw it under your desk or on the floor before kneeling down and get perfectly comfortable while you work. Take it with you between home and the office and get the most mileage out of your newly upgraded ergonomic lifestyle!


We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you’re ordering from, you can get it quickly anywhere in Canada, coast to coast. It usually takes about a week or less, two weeks for remote locations. If you need it fast, then you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 to receive it in a day or two, tops.


For all the best deals on ergonomic office furniture and accessories, visit us today at!

The comfiest portable laptop table to use in bed, on vacation and at school!

If you’re more productive working on your laptop in bed, then you gotta get the PrimeCables® Adjustable Portable Standing Desk and Bed Table for 17” Laptops, now just $14.99 on

PrimeCables monitor desktop mount
PrimeCables monitor desktop mount

Our multifunctional laptop workstation is a fully adjustable, portable mounting solution for your Macbook or Windows laptop, with a surface area of 52cm x 30cm, making it perfect for holding up to 17” machines. Featuring nearly 4 inches of height adjustment, 60-degrees of adjustable tilt (30 degrees in either direction), and weighing just under 2kgs., this foldable, portable laptop desk and bed table is suitable for setting up a mobile workstation anywhere you go!

height adjustable laptop desk
height adjustable laptop desk

It’s one of our hottest sellers, just read through some of our customer reviews!

It’s popular with adults who stay up late or get up early and want to be able to surf the web, watch TV, or manage their emails in bed.

It’s practical for students who cherish all the R & R they can get, allowing them to work comfortably from home, when productivity is crucial.

It’s even fun for kids, who need a little extra support logging onto their laptop for schoolwork or entertainment.

If you’re not using it every day of the week, you can stow it away without breaking a sweat, otherwise, you can install it in your bedroom or living room to make sure you have somewhere comfortable to work when you get home from work or school.

It’s safe, durable, lightweight, and collapsible. And the best part? No assembly required.

It makes a great gift, especially when bundled up with the PrimeCables® Foam Reading Pillow with memory foam and lumbar cushion, just $19.99. This easily transportable memory foam pillow provides excellent, comfy back support for long periods of sitting. Perfect for bedtime computing, flights and train rides, or just sitting on the couch watching TV, this versatile little cushion is surprisingly plump and convenient!


When you order $49 or more at, you receive free shipping nationwide.

We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you reside, you’ll get what you need quickly, often in about a week, two at most. If you’re doing some last-minute shopping before taking vacation or celebrating somebody’s birthday, then you can always add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and get your package delivered in a day or two, tops!


We love providing the highest-quality and lowest-priced ergonomics accessories in the country. Whether you’re looking for a more ergonomic view for your digital devices by getting an affordable mount, or want to improve your posture, comfort, or workstation setup, we’ve got the solution for you.


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