Creative Ways VR 3D Virtual Reality Glasses are making a Difference in 2019

VR glasses have worked wonders at helping people play games and watch movies in some innovative ways. Compatible Apple iPhones, Samsung smartphones, and Huawei devices, if you know where to buy your VR 3D glasses, you can also get them pretty cheap.


Although the 1,500+ VR apps are fun to download and try, these apps aren’t the only way virtual reality glasses are being used. In fact, in Canada, VR glasses are beginning to be used in university classrooms to teach students about various aspects of anatomy, health, and science.


A team at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario have developed several programs to be dissected with VR glasses. These programs include 3D renderings of the body which allows one to peruse anatomy and learn about bodies in ways they haven’t been previously able to do.


For example, anatomy students traditionally use cadavers fixed in formaldehyde to learn. Access is always limited however. So using a virtual reality program like McMaster’s, they’re solving a huge problem using VR headsets! Now students can have unlimited time with a subject, learning about the various components of how a body works.


This isn’t the only way that virtual reality is being used, either. Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta is using VR for its soccer program to help recruit players and try out athletes. For the university’s soccer program, sitting down with an athlete and giving them a headset simulating a soccer game can help give a glimpse into their understanding of the game and their reaction to certain plays.


Also, at George Brown Culinary School in Toronto, Ontario, VR glasses are allowing culinary students to watch their teacher prepare food in a whole new light. Students seated cannot necessarily always see what’s going on in every detail when preparing a dish. Using VR glasses, students get a bird’s eye view of everything. At this culinary school, they’re also looking at the potential for students to take their VR glasses home and review lessons detail-by-detail.


Although VR headsets have not necessarily made the big impact in consumer markets like many predicted, so many creative uses are being developed for these glasses. Consumers who have them love them and those who don’t, they’re missing out.


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