Kid Ergo Adjustable Desk and Chair Sets have Arrived on PrimeCables

Children’s furniture and ergonomics don’t usually go hand-in-hand however that doesn’t mean they can’t. Children’s ergonomic adjustable desk and chair sets have just arrived at PrimeCables. By giving a child the opportunity to have their own workstation, it encourages them to pursue their creative spark, to study, and to explore at their own pace.

Though finding a small table is no hassle, ergonomic office desks and chairs for kids is a good way to begin building healthy habits from a young age. For example, think of the average adult who sits at a desk all day for work. In more cases than not, their posture ends up slouched and by the end of the day, their productivity has usually been lowered significantly, even though they’re just sitting at a desk. Ergonomics have re-designed the way we think about office furniture, creating desk and chair sets that match the user instead of forcing the user to compromise to an existing desk and chair set standard.

A height adjustable desk for kids and chair is a great way to give a child some investment in their education and study time. For example, some kids might like to have their desk lowered while others will want it higher. Not only can they adjust the desk easily but they can also adjust the height of their chairs as well, creating the most comfortable situation for them and helping them avoid the slouching that affects so many adult desk workers.

Buy the Kids Ergo Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set + Cup Holder Grey PrimeCables® today on discount for only $129.99 with free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. This Elfin Series Study Desk and Chair includes up to a 40-degree tilt providing optimum angles for writing, drawing, and reading, comes with a non-reflection desktop, compartmented drawer to put books and stationery in, a multi-functional steel hook to hold book-bags, and thankfully, an anti-pinch safety design to prevent kids from getting their hands caught.

Receive this adjustable desk for kids and adjustable chair for kids at your leisure, and treat it as a gentle way to encourage their learning. The desk and chair are easy to clean, simple to store, are child-safe, and is something that can be adjusted as your children grow.

Perfect for children up to age 14, they won’t need to trade it in for a new model any time soon. Consider the long-term advantages, and buy the Kids Ergo Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set + Cup Holder Grey today for $129.99 – exclusively from PrimeCables.