What is a Mini Wireless Keyboard and How it Works

A mini wireless keyboard is a device used for controlling a wide variety of things, ranging from computers to advanced home theater systems, smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems, KODI, Plex, XBMC, and so much more.

The mini wireless keyboard is sort of a forgotten about accessory that a lot of households don’t use as they prefer individual remotes and controllers. At some point though, you may have multiple remotes or devices that don’t come with controllers. A mini keyboard gives you functionality of all devices in a single unit. That’s its biggest advantage.

In the hands on unboxing a wireless multimedia keyboard like this, you’ll notice it’s pretty heavy duty. You have a full letter keyboard, a mouse pad, function keys, and so much more. Control everything from media types to surround sound speakers, flat-screen TVs, smart TVs, video functions, volume, and pretty much anything you can think of.

As mentioned, this is like having a video game controller for everything around you. Switch between them as needed. Let’s say you’re watching your favourite TV show on a cable TV subscription and the show ends so you want to switch over to Netflix, a gaming system, or a computer, you can handle it all without getting up.

If you’re deep into computers, you’re going to love having a multimedia keyboard. If your computer’s hooked up direct to your TV, this is the best controller you can have. You don’t need to lug around a big keyboard which isn’t easy on the eyes, and is far too bulky to keep with you when you’re on the couch.

One of the best mini wireless keyboard in Canada is from PrimeCables and has all the features one would want. You get your wireless keyboard and touchpad, 2.4GHz of power, touchpad DPI adjustable functions, a USB receiver with no additional drivers needed, an auto sleep function, and it’s all plug in and play.

You’ve got a key for everything you need on a computer and it’s all in the palm of your hand. Wireless keyboards like these provide you with the control you want for everything around you. You don’t need to have advanced knowledge on how to code or computers. With a built-in intelligent power management system, it’s all plug in and play. And, it’s small enough to place alongside your other remotes and devices relating to TV, HD players, Android TV boxes, IP TV setups, and more. Get yours today from Canada’s own PrimeCables.