The Correct Posture For Sitting At A Computer Desk – Read here

Sitting at a computer for eight hours a day or longer for work can take its toll. Aches from poor posture are incredibly common but fortunately, easy to solve by adjusting your position at a workstation.

How to Sit At A Computer Desk

Three things should happen when you have found the right posture for a computer desk. The shoulders are relaxed. Your feet are flat on the floor. You are sitting up straight. If these three components are working, you should be able to extend your endurance in this position.

What is the Best Ergonomic Computer Chair?

An ergonomic computer chair should support your spine correctly, first and foremost. Ideally, height-adjustability is important only because you want your feet to rest on the floor. A chair should support the natural curvature of the spine as well as the lower back. Adjustable armrests can maintain the elbows close to the side but they aren’t wholly necessary either.

What’s the Best Height For A Computer Keyboard?

An adjustable under-desk computer keyboard tray may be worth investing in to optimize keyboard typing. You should have your keyboard in a place where your elbows are bent 90 degrees. You may also prefer your keyboard at a tilt. Like armrests on a chair, this tilt isn’t completely necessary but can be advantageous if you feel more comfortable typing from this perspective.

What Other Ergonomic Changes Can I Make to My Desk?

  • If your feet are not touching the floor and to touch them to the floor is uncomfortable, footrests are an option.
  • If you really want to mix things up, try an ergonomic sit-stand desk that raises and lowers allowing you to work from any position. For people very uncomfortable sitting for prolonged periods, switching from sitting to standing every once in a while can help.
  • Your monitor should be comfortably placed right in front of your eyes. Your neck should not be angled upward or downward to see it. If your monitor isn’t at a natural height, investing in a monitor arm or monitor desk mount is recommended.

The last piece of advice we want to give on how to ensure you maintain correct posture throughout your workday and have the endurance, strength, and concentration to be productive is to take breaks. At least once every hour, take 2-5 minutes and have a little walk-around. Go get some water, go to the bathroom, or just get up at your workstation and stretch your legs a little bit. This is relief from the aches or stresses you may be experiencing sitting. Furthermore, if you have a chronic condition, this is something that can help improve the enjoyability of your workday.

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