PrimeCables PRE Black Friday Sale has Arrived – get your Deals before It’s Too Late!

Pre – Black Friday deals have arrived in style at Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce shop, PrimeCables. If you’re looking for a Black Friday 2018 shopping guide, you won’t find it here. We don’t believe anyone should have to wait until November 23 to make their purchase. That’s why we’ve launched a pre-Black Friday sale crossing over into hundreds of items, reducing prices to as much as 70 percent off in some cases. Browse product categories like cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, ergonomic office accessories, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, network solutions and more.

black friday 2018 deal count down has started from PrimeCables
black Friday 2018 deal countdown has started from PrimeCables

Ever since November 1st hit, corporate retail and stores everywhere have been promoting Black Friday stores. Canadian mainstays like Walmart and Best Buy having nothing on PrimeCables. Instead of struggling alongside the thousands of Canadians that are going to do battle in shopping malls everywhere and having to brave the long lines, you can actually stay home and get all your Black Friday shopping done with PrimeCables. Don’t leave the cushion of your seat. Grab a hot meal or maybe a cup of coffee and get a head start on your Black Friday spending with sales like these. Let the shopping madness begin!

Black Friday Deal 2018 count down from PrimeCables
Black Friday Deal 2018 count down from PrimeCables

The range of products on pre-Black Friday sale is pretty vast. Included are a utility electrician’s pocket knife for wire stripping and cutting for $1.99, a 3.1A smart fast charging 3 USB ports for $12.99, an ergonomically designed electric sit-stand motor driven height adjustable workstation for $199.99, a 10-outlet metal housing surge protector with 14 AWG for $9.99, Ethernet Cat 7 cable beginning as low as $2.99, various USB adapters, smart home security kits from LivingWise with a window and door sensor for $33.99, and 6.5” fiber two-way frameless in-wall speakers for $44.99.


There’s so much more to find in the PrimeCables catalogue in the lead-up to Black Friday. Thousands of Canadians will come to shop with us in the weeks to come. Some of the best pre-Black Friday deals you can get right now are found with us. There’s no sense in waiting or shopping anywhere else. While quantities last, the deals are on! Enjoy a slew of online-only sales available today through to Black Friday weekend. Bundle it all together for the biggest savings. We’re pleased to see so many already taking advantage. There’s no reason you can’t, either.


Shop pre-Black Friday Canada sales and exclusives at PrimeCables. Save $100s while a ‘free shipping’ is applied on any order above $49, and receive a 1-year product guarantee, and free returns.



PrimeCables is having a Promotion for its USB Type-C Cables during Black Friday

USB Type-C cables are on promo between now and Black Friday deal 2018 weekend from PrimeCables. As a multi-purpose accessory adaptable to smartphones, tablets, and other devices, USB Type-C cables is something almost every Canadian carries.

Best black friday deal 2018 for USB C devices from PrimeCables
Best black friday deal 2018 for USB C devices from PrimeCables

Black Friday is a great time to pick up cables and accessories like this. November 23, 2018 is likely to be the biggest shopping day of the year for not only PrimeCables but Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Amazon, Apple, and so many other comparable companies. Black Friday’s best deals can be found on PrimeCables, where some USB sync and charge cables are available for 90 percent off. Save on Apple-certified lighting cables of the USB Type-C variety.

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018 Must USB C accessories
Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018 Must USB C accessories

Browse all kinds of USB Type-C essential accessories including sync and charging cables, power chargers, adapters, converters, and more. Using a USB-C cable, you’ll find the fastest charging capability across any USB comparable cables. See data transfer speeds up to 10 Gpbs, 56k ohm pull-up resistor safe for your device, and a sturdy construction from PrimeCables that combines with a stylish design. Also, the great thing about a USB Type-C connector is that it’s reversible, plugging in both ways and satisfying the needs of two devices at the same time.


Some of the amazing Black Friday USB cable deals you’ll find from PrimeCables includes the 1-metre USB-C to USB 3.1A charging and sync cable with aluminum alloy connectors for $5.99, the official PrimeCables USB-C charging and sync cable metal braided for $16.99, and the three-in-one charging cable USB 2.0 to lightning micro-USB USB-C cable for $14.99.


Companies like Amazon and Walmart have already released a lot of their Black Friday sales. PrimeCables is still prepping its inventory and getting ready for the big November weekend so don’t hesitate to drop in any time between now and then to see what we got going on. In addition to USB Type-C cables, you’ll find deals, discounts, and exclusives on adapters, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, tools, appliances, smart home accessories, and network solutions.


Buy Type-C charging cables from PrimeCables this Black Friday and see free returns, a 365-day product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49. Seasonal deals have arrived and you’ll be surprised at all the money you can save.


PrimeCables’ Black Friday deals are just a click away. The biggest discounts are a click away. A real head turner for Canadians everywhere, we’re pleased to service thousands of households from coast to coast. Shop with PrimeCables for all this and more!

Get your 2.1 Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer from this Cyber Monday / Black Friday Sale

Nowhere will you find a deal as good as our 2.1 stereo speaker for Black Friday 2018 deals courtesy of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce brand in PrimeCables.

PrimeCables black friday 2018 deal
PrimeCables black friday 2018 deal

A great time to upgrade your home theater system’s speaker system and audio setup, Black Friday’s going to come with price cuts as deep as ninety percent off select items. For this 2.1 multimedia stereo powered speaker and subwoofer set, leave nothing out when you tackle your favourite Black Friday deals.

This 2.1 small speaker setup is perfect for computer desktops, PC use, smartphone, or portable 3.5mm devices. Features include a classic box design showing some of its vintage style, and wooden cabinets which serve to maximize a crystal clear audio experience and guaranteeing the highest level of acoustic performance. The bass reflex tunnel on the front panel provides deeper bass, the woofer driver outside the bottom of the subwoofer box amplifies bass frequencies, and there’s also a master volume control on the back panel.

Savings like this are a potential game-changer for many Canadian households. As useful as a computer or TV’s own speakers are, they’re nothing like having a dedicated audio setup. Demand is red hot for Canada-based speaker deals below $25 and this fits the bill. You don’t need to pay $100s to get great quality speakers. Furthermore, sales days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday are built for this. Don’t pay a dollar more and get a great quality product. PrimeCables is a deal to watch.

Buying Cyber Monday deals this November, you’ll enjoy a ‘free shipping’ coupon applied to any order above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. This is all for a one-day sale. See radical deals off cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and network solutions. Shopping with PrimeCables, you’ll need to move fast. While quantities last, see major discounts and go big on sales. We got speakers, speaker stands, speaker mounts, audio accessories, and more.

Enjoy 2.1 audio in a speaker set containing two satellite speaker powered by a 2.5” driver and a subwoofer unit. If you enjoy watching movies, TV, listening to music, and consuming media on your computer, this is a great speaker system suitable to a PC setup.

Get involved in Black Friday – but, save yourself the long lines by shopping at home with us. We are one of Canada’s favourite home theater online shopping sites for a reason. Hundreds of discounts await.

Will you Get our Prime Cables 30-watt Amplifier during Cyber Monday-Black Friday

Cyber monday 2017

This Cyber Monday, buy an official Prime Cables 30-watt amp at over half off. If you buy any time over Black Friday week, get a massive 50% cut for our Cyber Monday celebration only!


If you or someone you know loves listening to music, a small amplifier like this is loud enough to get the point across so to speak but won’t disturb the neighbors. It can make for a really great, low-cost Christmas gift and suits any home perfectly. Prime Cables’ official mini-amplifier 30-watt dual channel home digital audio was originally priced for market at $99.99, is listed normally on Prime Cables for only $49.99, and for Cyber Monday only has seen its price drop to $43.99!


This 30-watt dual channel home digital audio amp easily fits into tight spaces and in a desktop environment. It is rated Class D for efficient, high quality musical performance. The built-in headphone amplifier makes a listening experience personal. Also, the high quality black matte finish and gold platted connectors make it a piece of gear that’s not going to stand out. Set it up wherever you wish to have it and you shouldn’t have any trouble with it. Also, as it relates to shipping, all orders over $49 receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada! Many consumers browse our catalogue for other items to inch them above the $49 threshold so be sure to check out some similar speaker accessories.


Music performances from any genre come out from this 30-watt amp sounding huge! It may not sound like a lot when compared to some of the massive amps that guitar players wield on stage but remember that those amplifiers are meant to fill an arena full of people. A 30-watt amp is very powerful if it needs to be and when the volume doesn’t need to be cranked, it sounds just as good. In terms of an amp for a desktop or around the house, this amazing amp is more than enough and it comes at a fair price. Make this the centerpiece for your personal desktop Hi-Fi setup.


Make it a priority this Cyber Monday to get things that you could really use around the house. A 30-watt amplifier doesn’t seem like a necessity but the value it adds is significant. This massive 50% discount is not something you will find in corporate retail. Prime Cables is a Canadian-made brand that has been serving Canadians since 2007. This must-have item is available for a limited time only at the given price so be sure to take advantage while the opportunity is there.

5 Things you Don’t Know about Black Friday History


Black Friday is a growing holiday tradition, having originally started in the United States and now spreading to countries like Canada, the UK, and other parts of the world. Here are 5 quick things that you may not know about Black Friday history.


It Has Roots going back as far as the early 1950s


It’s true. Black Friday’s beginnings trace back to 1952 when it was considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. This involved many retailers opening early and offering promotional sales in an attempt to heighten revenues. Since 2005, Black Friday has been widely recognized as the busiest shopping day of the year.


Spending on Black Friday Fell in 2014

Every year, Black Friday sales have risen and risen most years however the economic recession in 2008 saw numbers decrease and then again in 2014. In 2014, Black Friday weekend sales were down 11 percent. Why this was, nobody quite knows as the economy was in excellent shape at the time. Many suggest that retailers push to spread out promotions over the lead-up to Christmas resulted in less fixation on a single weekend.


The Term ‘Black Friday’ originated in Philadelphia

The earliest use of the Black Friday phrase has been dated to Philadelphia as early as 1961 and possibly before. The term was used at that time to describe the pedestrian and vehicle traffic that disrupted the City of Philadelphia in the wake of Thanksgiving. By the late 1980s, many retailers were using this term privately to describe the time of year when they began to turn a profit, thereby going from the red to the black.


7 People have Died in Black Friday-related Events

Tuning into the news the evening of Black Friday, it’s obvious the hysteria, panic, and violence that takes place on this day.


Since 2005, there has been 7 reported deaths in the United States from Black Friday related events. There have been an additional 98 injuries in this same time period in the United States though this number is questionable and is suspected to be far higher.


How Black Friday in Canada came to be


Black Friday used to be mainly an American phenomenon. Canadians living within hours of the Canada-US border would leave Canada on these days to pick up on the deals down south. When retailers in Canada picked up on this, beginning roughly in 2009, Canadian retailers began to offer their own Black Friday sales in an attempt to keep more consumers on this side of the border. By 2012, Black Friday in Canada grew to become just as relevant to Canadians as it has to Americans in the United States.


For all of your Black Friday shopping this season, please visit Prime Cables. Browse through our catalogue of Black Friday deals on cables, adapters, mounts and sit-stands, tools and appliances, home theater solutions, network cables and accessories, and instrument accessories.

5 Things to Buy on Cyber Monday

2017 Cyber Monday is November 27th, the date might not be the same as this banner
2017 Cyber Monday is November 27th, the date might not be the same as this banner

Black Friday has its fair share of attention but in recent years, Cyber Monday has increasingly garnered better deals in several categories of product. This Cyber Monday, know what’s better to buy and take advantage of the one-time deals available exclusively through storefronts like Prime Cables.


This Cyber Monday, many parents are coming to us seeking baby monitor accessories and similar items. This LED motion sensor night light lamp rechargeable with flashlight 2-pack has proven to be particularly popular in recent years. These LED lights are great for stairs, stairways, bedrooms, bathrooms, baby rooms, and hallways. If you need a night light, this more than fits the bill.


If you’re looking for a high quality projector this Cyber Monday, check this out. This PIQS smart HD LED portable projector with free projector stand is a great choice. This project comes with a variety of unique features including auto-focus, virtual touch remote, android compatibility, Wi-Fi, and battery powered. Portable and lightweight, this projector has been marked down to $739.99 with shipping included. On Cyber Monday, be sure to use the PRIMEWEEKEND code to take an extra 15% off!  (Coupon expired on 22nd of Oct)


This pair of high performance bookshelf speakers comes in at $59.99 with free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. This two-way pair can be used in offices, dorm rooms, apartments, and living rooms. Despite the small size, the sound is high quality with excellent clarity and meticulous detail.


Re-design an entire home with smart fast charging dual USB port decora tamper resistant duplex receptacle from Prime Cables. Available for only $12.99, this item combines your traditional wall plug outlet with two USB inputs as well. Anyone looking to add a little extra value to their home, this is a simple and affordable way to do so.


The last item in our list of 5 things to buy on Cyber Monday is this pair of VR 3D virtual reality glasses for gaming and movies. Compatible with iPhones 5 and up, Samsung Galaxy models, and other smartphones, get these at a discount of nearly 50% off.


To browse a full list of deals from Prime Cables, please feel encouraged to take a look down our page here.


Remember, in addition to the prices mentioned, any time that PRIMEWEEKEND is used on a shopping cart in the lead-up to Cyber Monday, receive an extra 15% off. Bag the discounts you need and receive fast shipping to your home within a matter of days. Take a bite out of Cyber Monday and reap the rewards!

Time to Update your Display Port Adapter before Black Friday Arrives!

black friday primecables
Black Friday 2017 should be on Nov 24th this year!

Black Friday is coming up fast and if you’ve already made the decision on what you’re going after, the last thing you want to find out is your display port adapter is wrong. That’s why it might be time to update your display port adapter. When it comes to Apple display port adapters, the best place to shop for them in Canada is Prime Cables. Here’s why.


We stand by our selection of high quality products, all of which are available to be browsed here. There, you will find a range of display port adapters, some of which are no doubt applicable to your unique situation and others that are not. Feel encouraged to take a thorough look through what’s there.


If your current display port adapter does not support connections to certain displays, now might be an opportunity to find one that does. If you have any questions on display port adapters and their compatibility with a given machine, please refer to your manufacturer’s manual or please give us a call and we would be happy to have a representative assist.


Display port adapters are highly useful for their ability to deliver a pure digital connection to external displays. Plug-and-play performance right then and there. Should you decide to buy from Prime Cables and come to find out the adapter is not doing what you want it to do, we provide free returns. We would be happy to swap it out for another.


This Black Friday is going to be filled with amazing deals on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and all kinds of devices. If you want to save yourself some of the stress on that day, buy ahead. Prime Cables has a number of deals, mainly based in cables and accessories that are sure to help a little when it comes time to hook up that TV or laptop. Though our display port adapter selection can be retrieved here, we have a wide range of table and smartphone adapters; VGA, DVI, and HDMI adapters; and HDMI and DVI splitters as well. Please feel free to take a spin through them and pick up what you need.


There are also mounts and sit-standing desks, tools and appliances, and numerous other accessory-based items that might tickle your fancy before the big Black Friday blowout. Remember, for any order over $49, shipping is free as well!


Prime Cables is a reliable name you can trust to buy your display port adapter from. As a Canadian brand offering premiere products across a multitude of different categories, we have been serving Canadians from sea to sea since 2007.

Pre-Hint for Black Friday Deals, Stay Tuned on the TV Wall Mount Category


Black Friday deals are almost here! To celebrate the event, Prime Cables has some pretty special stuff planned, particularly as it pertains to deals on cables, TV accessories, and TV wall mounts.


This upcoming Black Friday, get ready for the best deals in Canada on TV wall mounts. Buy a fixed position wall mount for a small room, making the most of the space available to you. Go for a tilt TV mount that allows you to reduce glare or reflections from lights and windows. If you’ve got the budget, go premium with a full-motion TV wall amount that can extend, retract, tilt, and swivel, ideal for open kitchens and living space. Already, Prime Cables has been building its inventory of TV wall mounts, providing Canadians with a range of options for their TV setup.


With a huge selection, no matter if it is for 4K, LED, or LCD, TV wall mounts are provided at the lowest price possible. Buy more than $49 in Canada and receive free shipping! Also, if you run into any trouble, simply sent it back. We provide a one-year guarantee on all of the products we sell, ensuring that every customer is fully satisfied with their purchase.


Though buying a TV at a corporate conglomerate such as Wal-Mart makes sense, if you want the best deal on a TV wall amount, you’re going to want to shop somewhere else. It’s been Prime Cables commitment to the marketplace to fill the gaps where other companies have failed. Throughout the past decade, we’ve proven that we do accessories better than anyone else. If you’ve never done business with us before, be sure to visit our website on Black Friday to catch all the deals we have planned on TV wall mounts and other items as well.


If you don’t want to stop with just a TV wall mount, there are other mounts on the market that may of be use to your home setup. For example, there are speaker mounts to assist in rigging up your home entertainment system. There are also ceiling mounts, projector mounts, and monitor desk mounts, all designed to maximize the flexibility of a space. When it comes to mounts of any kind, Prime Cables is a reliable brand name you can trust. Please feel encouraged to browse our current selection of TV wall mounts here and get ready for a boisterous Black Friday!

Cyber Monday 2017 will be Here before you Know It!

Cyber monday cable deal
Cyber monday cable deal

Cyber Monday is almost here and we’re super excited! Are you – ‘cause you should be. Prime Cables will have some of the best Cyber Monday deals in all of Canada ready to go for all your TV accessory needs.


For those that don’t know when will be the cyber Monday 2017 date?  Cyber Monday falls on November 27 this year. There will be lots of bargains to browse through including some from Canada’s biggest tech brands. Perhaps the best thing about taking advantage of the Cyber Monday savings in Canada is that you can really knock off a lot of the tech gifts you might be planning for Christmas. Or, if you have been waiting to buy that next hard drive, wall mount, sit-stand desk, or whatever the case, Cyber Monday is the time. The prices will never be lower than they are on Cyber Monday. So satisfy those needs, hit up your wish list, and consider picking up some Christmas presents for friends and family.


Beyond all of these advantages, you never have to leave your couch to do it! Prime Cables has a number of Cyber Monday deals ready to be deployed on the big day so be sure to check back. Everyone from Wal-Mart to Microsoft, Apple to Sony, to all of Canada’s biggest retail brands are going to have their hands full with Black Friday (November 24) and Cyber Monday (November 27). Many have asked us the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and how these days originally came out. Well, Cyber Monday is kind of like Boxing Day and Black Friday is kind of like Christmas if that makes any sense. Black Friday involves a lot of retail shopping whereby Cyber Monday is online and traditionally has been one of the year’s biggest sales days.


Drop by Prime Cables earlier that weekend to see some of our early promotions as well. We’re doing our best to slash prices for Canadians across all provinces and territories, providing them with accessible products right before Christmas. Instead of going down to your Wal-Mart to get a good deal on a sit-stand desk or wall mount, visit Prime Cables instead. Consider the PrimeCables® Electric Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser Frame or Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser ADR 26″ & 35″ Wide PrimeCables® for an ultimate sit-stand solution at top price. Or, enjoy the 3 in 1 Full Motion Wall Mount for TV 37″- 70″ with 6ft HDMI Cable & Organizers. There’s always plenty to browse at Prime Cables. Keep your eyes pealed!

A New Ergonomic Solution, an Electric Desk Riser for your Black Friday / Cyber Monday Choice!

A better office ergonomic solution
A better office ergonomic solution

Feel free to check our Black Friday deal 2018, deals start on Nov 23rd 10:00 am EST

A new ergonomic desk solution is reinventing the way that computer work stations are being setup in offices across Canada and the United States. Remaining still and sitting goes contrary to a human body’s natural instinct. To be sitting for extended periods of time has had a negative impact on the health of hundreds of thousands of people. In an effort to improve spinal health, help with circulation, and reduce muscle fatigue, more offices are using electric desk risers.

PrimeCables Black Friday 2018 Deal start on Nov 23rd
PrimeCables Black Friday 2018 Deal start on Nov 23rd

Electric desk risers are meant to engage muscle movement by rising electronically, allowing a person who would traditionally be sitting at their desk, to stand. The use of an ergonomic electric desk riser has successfully been able to address issues related to static muscle fatigue, including neck pain and back pain. Throughout the past decade, more research has been publicized encouraging desk workers to get out of their chairs and move the body for at least five minutes per hour. The most ergonomic solution to this request is, no doubt, the use of an electric desk riser.
The added benefit of it being electric means that all you need is a plug outlet and you’re good to go. There’s no need to work a crank or anything. It all is set to happen electronically and with ease. Throughout your day in the office, rise it up now and again to get some good time standing. Then, when you feel like you need to have a seat for a little bit, you can. Enjoy the health benefits of being able to switch between sitting and standing with ease. Among the most popular ergonomic solution in the Canadian marketplace, electric desk risers are easy to use and affordable.


If your workplace is struggling to make up for lost workdays and/or are having productivity troubles, electric desk risers can provide some benefit. The investment that organizations have made in electric desk risers have resulted in reductions in employee discomfort and injuries, increased productivity, savings in workers’ compensation expenses, and can also help to reduce and/or eliminate sources of work related stress.

For the employees themselves, this new ergonomic solution will see them have more energy, experience reduced fatigue levels, and reduce risk of injury which can be caused by remaining in one body position for too long. Quickly move the work surface to meet your needs, as they happen. If you don’t already have some form of desk riser already available to you, considering the many benefits, there’s all the reason to look into adding this to your office environment, be it in a corporate, small business, or home.