Will you Get our Prime Cables 30-watt Amplifier during Cyber Monday-Black Friday

Cyber monday 2017

This Cyber Monday, buy an official Prime Cables 30-watt amp at over half off. If you buy any time over Black Friday week, get a massive 50% cut for our Cyber Monday celebration only!


If you or someone you know loves listening to music, a small amplifier like this is loud enough to get the point across so to speak but won’t disturb the neighbors. It can make for a really great, low-cost Christmas gift and suits any home perfectly. Prime Cables’ official mini-amplifier 30-watt dual channel home digital audio was originally priced for market at $99.99, is listed normally on Prime Cables for only $49.99, and for Cyber Monday only has seen its price drop to $43.99!


This 30-watt dual channel home digital audio amp easily fits into tight spaces and in a desktop environment. It is rated Class D for efficient, high quality musical performance. The built-in headphone amplifier makes a listening experience personal. Also, the high quality black matte finish and gold platted connectors make it a piece of gear that’s not going to stand out. Set it up wherever you wish to have it and you shouldn’t have any trouble with it. Also, as it relates to shipping, all orders over $49 receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada! Many consumers browse our catalogue for other items to inch them above the $49 threshold so be sure to check out some similar speaker accessories.


Music performances from any genre come out from this 30-watt amp sounding huge! It may not sound like a lot when compared to some of the massive amps that guitar players wield on stage but remember that those amplifiers are meant to fill an arena full of people. A 30-watt amp is very powerful if it needs to be and when the volume doesn’t need to be cranked, it sounds just as good. In terms of an amp for a desktop or around the house, this amazing amp is more than enough and it comes at a fair price. Make this the centerpiece for your personal desktop Hi-Fi setup.


Make it a priority this Cyber Monday to get things that you could really use around the house. A 30-watt amplifier doesn’t seem like a necessity but the value it adds is significant. This massive 50% discount is not something you will find in corporate retail. Prime Cables is a Canadian-made brand that has been serving Canadians since 2007. This must-have item is available for a limited time only at the given price so be sure to take advantage while the opportunity is there.

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