What Is A GaN USB Charger – Read here!

GaN chargers, aka Gallium Nitride chargers, first got the mainstream’s attention in 2020. An alternative way to charge devices, it was promoted as a highly efficient way to keep your smartphone battery at the top of its charge.

What Is A GaN Charger?

Most USB smartphone chargers are made from silicon which is itself a fine material. A USB smartphone GaN charger is made from gallium nitride which has several unique advantages over silicon.

Gallium nitride is a material that found much use in the 1990s in LED lights and displays. The improvements of gallium nitride over silicon suggest in the years to come that it will replace products made from silicon.

GaN chargers can power all USB-C devices, from your smartphone to laptops. One of the best GaN chargers in Canada is a 32W GaN two-port Type-C PD charger, sold through PrimeCables.ca, which is designed for compatibility with MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Samsung smartphones, Dell computers, and more.

Benefits Of A GaN USB Charger

The benefits of GaN chargers may seem simple and obvious. These wall chargers tend to be physically smaller than silicon chargers. This is only because gallium nitride doesn’t need the components and supports silicon does.

At a more technical level, gallium nitride power bricks and chargers have higher switching frequency, faster wireless power transfer, and larger ‘air gaps’ between the charger and your device, all of which equate to a more efficient charging experience.

On average, it will charge a device up to 2.5 times faster than a standard silicon 1A output.

Why Buy A GaN Charger?

The primary reason to buy a GaN charger is that they’re more efficient at transferring current. Chargers made with gallium nitride tend to last longer as well. This means you get more energy put into your device which equates to less time it takes to charge your smartphone or other devices.

Although GaN chargers are not yet widespread in the marketplace, you can find them at PrimeCables.ca.

GaN chargers for USB-C power delivery are second to none. That said, to use one and get an optimum performance from it, a device must support USB-C power delivery. If you have another USB standard, you may still use a USB wall charger made from GaN, however, getting maximum charging speed is not going to be achievable.

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