Why iPhone Users Still Need MFI-Certified Lighting to USB Cables

When Apple first came up with the iPhone lightning cable, it was done for a few reasons. It established a sort of exclusivity in the sense that it was a proprietary design and users would be required to go through Apple for additional cables. Also, lightning cables were argued to be superior technology.

In the years since the MFI-certified lightning cable first came into being with iPhones and iPads, USB Type-C has risen up as the ultimate standard in smartphone cables and sync-and-charge cables. At the same time, Apple iPhone lightning cables have been met with an increasingly mixed response.

While there are rumours Apple is phasing out the lightning cable in favor of wireless charging and/or USB Type-C ports, there are still lots of reasons to have and buy lightning to USB cables online.

You Own An Older Apple Device. How Do You Charge It?

For years, Apple has made high-quality iPhones and devices that could last decades being exchanged in the marketplace. There’s going to be a need for lightning cables for a long time even if they were phased out tomorrow.

The technology is also still very top-notch. There is no better iPhone charging cable than a USB lightning cable. It’s fast. It works.

Especially if you get a Nylon-braided design, they can go on potentially indefinitely. USB Type-C is not a significant upgrade over lightning cables in terms of technology nor is wireless charging. Where USB-C and Qi-certified wireless charging are improvements is that they have become preferred by consumers and manufacturers alike, as opposed to having an Apple-exclusive cable product.

Where Can You Buy An MFI-Certified Apple USB Lightning Cable in Canada?

If you’re an iPhone user in Canada, buying a lightning cable is easy with PrimeCables.ca. They provide Apple-certified MFI lightning cables for iPhones, iPads, and more. Sync-and-charge devices using Apple- official lightning cables.

The benefits of buying USB to lightning cables in this manner is that, first off, it’s easy. You order online. Secondly, you get a lifetime warranty and guarantee on a lot of the USB lightning cables from PrimeCables.ca. This means should your lightning cable suddenly stop working or if there’s damage that you didn’t cause on the wire, such as wear-and-tear, replacing it with a new one isn’t difficult.

If you’re reading the news and see that lightning cables are being phased out, a lot of Apple customers are still going to need them for a long time to come. Shop USB lightning cables in Canada from PrimeCables.ca today.

Buy An iPhone Cable You Don’t Need To Worry About Breaking

Have you broken your iPhone cable – it happens to the best of us! It’s annoying and frustrating and it sucks. No secret there. When our iPhone USB cable breaks, we can sync or charge our smartphones. What you can do to prevent a broken iPhone cable is simple. Buy a high-quality lighting cable.

Can You Avoid Breaking An iPhone Cable?

An iPhone cable is going to get bent, carried, stepped on, and maybe worse. It’s an inevitability something will happen that causes it to break. That’s why you need an Apple-certified MFi-certified USB lightning cable.

There are non-certified cables you can buy online. They are cheap, come in all sorts of colors, resemble very advanced designs, and did we mention they’re cheap… yeah, they don’t work well. They can be dangerous to your device and even fry the motherboard in some cases. An Apple-certified USB lightning cable does not have that same problem.

Anything Apple-certified is built well and built to last. Always start there when searching for a reliable iPhone cable.

Buy A Braided Lightning Cable For Everyday Use

A Nylon braided lightning cable can withstand almost anything. Braided equates to more protection. You protect the Apple chip inside, of course, but more importantly, you protect the wiring.

If a pet chews on it or if the USB cable gets caught in a closing door, a braided USB lightning cable’s more likely to withstand the trauma. They are the best lightning cable in 2021 in terms of design.

PrimeCables We Make Stronger Cables

Furthermore, the same applies to Android USB cables. Any sort of braided cable is unparalleled with the protection it offers. This is what will give an iPhone lover their best chance at having a lightning cable that lasts.

Where Can You Buy Braided iPhone Cables in Canada?

Shop high-quality braided iPhone cables at PrimeCables.ca and get them at the best discount possible. For any sort of USB cable in Canada, PrimeCables.ca is the best resource you’ll find.

Some people will tell you, if you want your lightning cables to last longer, use them less. Use in moderation. Don’t roll them up or too often. Don’t wrap them up. Use multiple lightning cables so you can rotate them in and out.

All of those tips are helpful but you still need an iPhone cable every day. There’s no avoiding it unless you are wirelessly charging your smartphone device. Evidently, even with that, it’s not always possible to wirelessly charge when you’re on public transportation or on the go.

Buy an iPhone cable from PrimeCables.ca and you won’t have to worry about it breaking. A Nylon-braided lightning cable is the best going. Get yours on sale this June and celebrate PrimeCables.ca’s birthday with us. All June long, it’s our biggest sale yet!