7 Rooms Where A 32” Flat-Screen Is All You Need

A 32” LCD panel TV is HD quality, lightweight and portable, and easy to mount. Its crisp, clear picture quality is second to none at its price point. One of Canada’s best bargain TVs, this bedroom-sized 720P flat-screen TV can be purchased through PrimeCables.ca any day of the week.

If you aren’t sure where you’d put your 32” TV, here are 7 rooms where this TV will be all you’ll need.

Dining Room

If you enjoy the thought of having a TV in the dining room, a smaller size is preferable. Mount a 32” flat-screen against the wall in front of your table or set it on an articulating arm. Either way, watching TV while you eat dinner just got easier.

Kids Room

Young parents will love the idea of having a kids’ room. You can lay out safe flooring, put in their toys, and restrict a lot of playtime to that room. Consider a 720P kids’ playroom TV as a possible addition. This will allow them to watch their movies and kids’ shows without taking over the household’s main TV.


The basement can be a dreary place. It’s the exact perfect spot for a second screen. If you regularly work out in your basement, do hobbies in your basement, or in there for whatever purposes, consider the sort of change a TV like this would bring to this spot.

Gaming Room

If you like to game, game on the big screen! A 32” HD gaming TV offers deep colors, adjustable settings, and can be mounted to be angled towards you as you engage with your favourite games.

Home Gym

A lot of us are so used to working out in front of the TV, particularly if it’s cardio. If you have a home workout room or a home gym, a 32” TV is an optimized size to hang from a ceiling mount, wall mount, or articulating arm.

It’ll give you something to focus on as you do your cardiovascular routine.

Guest Bedroom

As homeowners, we take pride in our guest bedrooms and we want our guests to feel comfortable. It’s natural to want to show off a little bit in these areas.

Consider a guest bedroom 32” TV. This gives them a private area to catch up on their favourite series, watch news and/or sports, or simply enjoy some reruns before falling asleep. It gives them a private entertainment space they’re sure to appreciate.

1-Bedroom Condo Or Apartment

Inside a 1-bedroom condo, you don’t have much space. Take this 32” flat-screen. Mount it. Enjoy it. It won’t take up any extra space than it needs and the size is perfect for being such a close distance in front of it.

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The Best Budget TV For Your Home Theater In 2021

Any sort of home theater system or home entertainment rig is really only complete with a fast, premium, high-tech flat-screen that’s equipped with the ports you need to connect all your favourite devices.

Think of how crucial a flat-screen is. It defines the viewing experience more than anything else. Sadly, the latest in TV tech can be insanely expensive and cost $1,000s. The good thing is you probably don’t need it. You can find some pretty cutting-edge TVs and screens on sale at PrimeCables.ca for $350 or under and sometimes much cheaper.

Here are the best cheap televisions to buy in 2021 for your home setup.

32” LED TV 720p

The 32” LED TV 720p is an excellent choice for small TV rooms, condos, bedrooms, and where the distance between the viewer and the screen is limited. HD images. High-quality color. And a premium model design.

43” 1080p LCD TV

The 42” 1080p LCD TV carries with it a little extra oomph. It’s large but affordable and perfect for family home theater rooms.

Unless you’re aiming to get a 4K TV which is almost never in an affordable price range, this 42”1080p flat-screen is one of the best deals going.

55” 4K LED TV

Yes, we thought we’d throw in at least one 4K LED TV onto this list. As a budget TV, it’s highly debatable whether this is that but for under $475, this is one of the cheapest 4K TVs in Canada.

Large, backlit, and equipped with the best 4K tech, for those that can raise their budgets, purchasing a 4K TV like this is a great investment.

B3903 primecables cab 07933 television primecables 55 4k uhd dled tv with ips lcd panel television

27” Curved Gaming Monitor 1080p

Equip this 27” curved gaming monitor in 1080p with all the home theater bells and whistles you need. This gaming monitor hits all the marks on screen size, display resolution, ports, adjustability, mountability, viewing angle, brightness, pixel density, aspect ratio, and more.

24” 1080p Flat Computer Monitor

Lastly is the cheap of the cheap. The small but affordable 24” 1080p flat monitor is a steal for under $130. It is meant for a computer as opposed to a home theater system and is rather small. For a 1-bedroom apartment, small condo, or bachelor suite though, this 24” flat monitor will more than do the trick allowing you to watch 1080p quality images on a home theater screen for a low, low price.

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Top 7 Best LCD & LED TVs in Canada for 2021

Are you looking to buy a TV in 2021 – here we have a list of the best LCD TVs in Canada.

Check out different features, sizes, and weights, pair them with an equally impressive TV wall mount from PrimeCables.ca and instantly upgrade your home theater setup.

55” 4K LED TV

The 55” 4K LED TV is one of the biggest and best flat-screen TVs in Canada on-sale today via PrimeCables.ca. A customer rating of 94/100, in addition to its 4 HDMI inputs, makes this a necessary add to our list. For those with the space to put it on display, you won’t find a large screen at a better price anywhere else.


Boasting a 60Hz refresh rate, dual speakers, and multiple HDMI ports, this 43” flat-screen is a favourite. This 43” 1080p LED TV has an ‘excellent’ customer satisfaction rating of 91/100 at PrimeCables.ca and is well worth a look if you’re looking to buy a new flat-screen in 2021.


A perfect bedroom television, this 32” 720p LED TV has an even higher rating with a 94/100. Complete with similar features as the 43” FHD LED TV, the thirty-two inch flat-screen sister model rates easily as one of the best LCD TVs in 2021 on quality-to-price ratio.

PrimeCables® 32” HD LED TV with IPS LCD Panel Bedroom television 720p

27” Curved LED Monitor

A 27” curved LED monitor may not be your typical choice for a home theater flat-screen but gamers love it. More immersive and arguably more realistic images, this 27” curved gaming monitor has an impressive 88/100 rating by customers and is super thin wrapped in a pro-grade aluminum frame.

24” 1080p LED Monitor

For small desktops in need of a 24” 1080p LED monitor, you don’t get better than this. Quality-made, cost-efficient, and HD, you get the best of a computer monitor with the features of a television, i.e. HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm ports, etc. The juggernaut customer rating for this model is a 96/100.

22” LED Monitor

The ViewSonic 22” LED monitor gives the prior 1080p LED monitor a run for its money. Though admittedly small, its excellent-quality picture, stand, and portability makes it a consideration for bedrooms, dorms, small apartments, and similar uses. This LCD TV has the highest rating of all models on this with an almost-perfect 99/100.

22” LCD 1080p Touchscreen Monitor

The last entry on our top 7 list of best LCD TVs in Canada is this trendy 22” 1080p touchscreen monitor. Though small, you have full HD images, it’s backlit, and is a touchscreen just like a smartphone. As a relatively new model, its customer rating is unavailable.

Visit PrimeCables.ca today to check out each of these fine flat-screen TV and monitor models. While you’re there, check out HDMI cables, mounts, speaker systems, Android boxes, HDTV antennas, and other flat-screen accessories.