Your Biggest New year 2018 Blowout Deals have Arrived!

New Year Sale is just around the corner and in anticipation, Prime Cables has released some of its New year 2018 blowout deals a little early.


Feel free to visit the Prime Cables catalogue for exclusive 24 hour deals. Among the categories with items on new year sale, these include cables, adapters, mounts and sit-stands, tools and appliances, network solutions, home entertainment system accessories, and more. Browse thoroughly and remember that any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada so be sure to stock up!


No one can deny the impact that new year sale has on families across Canada. Providing the lowest sales all year-round, this is an opportunity for retailers to clear out inventory and for consumers to spend the Christmas money they have left on the items they need most. At Prime Cables, some of the items on new year discount include multi-port USB hubs, monitor riser stands, sit-standing ergonomic desks, and mini wireless multi-function keyboards for smart TVs. Any item you purchase from Prime Cables comes with free returns, fast shipping from either of our shipping locations in Montreal or Vancouver, and has a 365-day guarantee.


Though New year sale is a great time to get out and hit the retail outlets, before you do, check out Prime Cables. As a Canadian-made ecommerce company, we provide Canadians with the best deals in the marketplace. Let’s say if you’re not all done your Year starter shopping yet, there might be one or two items from the Prime Cables catalogue that would easily add to your shopping experience. For many, the new year deals are what make the winter so bearable – especially in Canada where we have to deal with the blistering cold, rain, and snow.

Above all else, we are known for our cables. That’s HDMI cables, audio cables, video cables, network Ethernet cables, Apple cables, display port cables, USB cables, smartphone and tablet cables, and adapter cables of a wide variety. The winter season is a very special time of year for us because we know how expensive these products can sell for elsewhere. Even by cutting down on a few bucks here and there, it does add up in the end. It’s an opportunity we are happy to be able to provide to everyday Canadians just looking for a fair deal.

Before settling down with family, enjoying all of that warm and wonderful new year food, and showing each other a little kindness, take care of your new year shopping before the day even arrives! Enjoy the PrimeCables New year sale blowout deals, available for a limited time only.


Where to Get an HDTV Antenna on a Lower Budget to Match your TV for new year 2018

Imagine having to pay next to nothing to watch the big game on your TV. If you’ve never used an HDTV antenna before, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. For the upcoming new year 2018 suggest deal, an investment in an HDTV antenna can save you hundreds on bills annually. Depending on where you are in the country, there may be hundreds of free TV channels just waiting to be tapped into. Now’s your chance. For Boxing Day, sure, you did buy the big TV. But, beyond that, look at getting a high quality HDTV antenna to see all of your favourite TV channels in HD, no hassle installation, and get it all for a one-time fee on special for the upcoming new year sale.

For those that have never used an HDTV antenna before, they are either meant to be positioned indoors or outdoors. They are designed to pick up the television signals that are being transmitted over air. There are a wide range of Canadian and American channels that are broadcast over air. With an HDTV antenna, you can intercept these without having to pay any fee. All that is required is for you to hook it up to your TV, point it in the correct direction similar to how you would a satellite, and then adjust until you reach the maximum number of channels.

Before buying anything this January 2018, we recommend checking out a TV signal locator first to see what kind of channels may be available in your area. If you are living in a condo at least a few floors up, you’re almost surely going to be able to find more channels than you would if you were living in a basement. Remember, choosing the right HDTV antenna involves knowing where to place the transmitter and analyzing the right amount of distance from antenna to transmitter. If you’re looking for the best performing HDTV antenna, the investment may be a little more than other options but the 360-degree adjustable multidirectional super 8 bay HDTV antenna is the recommended option. The most popular in Prime Cables’ catalogue when it comes to HDTV antennas is the outdoor antenna high gain VHF/UHF combo. Then, there’s some of our more economical options which include the super thin indoor HDTV antenna.


New year sale is a special time of year for many ecommerce businesses such as Prime Cables because it allows us to flex our muscles against our larger, more corporate competitors. This season, buy Canadian with Prime Cables. So when you head to the check-out for your premiere model TV this year, don’t forget to pick up an HDTV antenna to match!

Why you Should Always have more than 3 USB Type-C Cables in the House

Boxing Day is set to hit hard this year with big sales in corporate retail and ecommerce. Though we typically associate the holiday with bigger sales items like TVs, laptops, and more, not many people think of how they can add to their smaller accessory collection. Needless to say,  the following New year sales are the perfect opportunity to pick up smaller accessories such as USB cables. Saving a few bucks here and there adds up at the beginning of the year!

Every Canadian household should have a minimum of two or three USB type-C cables waiting in the wings, in case existing cables fail. You never know when a USB cable will fail. Believe us when we say that it always sucks when a cable kicks the bucket. That leaves you having to make it to a store to get a cable that you could have had all along in your desk drawer. These cables are used to charge and sync mobile devices daily, and they play a big role in our lives. When they cannot give that battery charge or that sync, it can be very disruptive. This Boxing Day, the sales are too good on USB cables. Invest a little and set up your household with a few extra USB cables to ensure that you’re prepared no matter what’s around the corner. is a proud Canadian ecommerce company specializing in the sale of different USB cables in addition to cables of other varieties, adapters, tools and appliances, mounts and sit-stands, network solutions, Ethernet cables, and other items. If you’re coming to us looking for high quality USB cables, we got them and way more than that! Please feel free to browse thoroughly. Any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada so be sure to stock up on these type of accessory items. It won’t be difficult to meet the $49 minimum especially once you see the products available for a limited time only on Boxing Day sale with Prime Cables.

Visit Prime Cables any time between today for exclusive deals on USB Type-C cables. Whether it’s just you, your roommates, or an entire family, it always makes sense to have some extras. If it’s you, you’ll be thankful to have them and if it’s for someone else, trust us when we say that they’ll be thankful to have your assistance there!