The Best TV Wall Mounts of 2018 – Fixed, Full-Motion Mount Reviews from PrimeCables

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This year, the TV wall mount market is experiencing some big changes with more lightweight, easier-to-install designs. For the best flat-screen TV wall mount designs, we’ve accumulated a short list here. Researching the different brands and types of TV wall mounts, any of these are sure to provide a user with a more immersive viewing experience. Feel encouraged to weigh the pros and cons, and find the best deal on TV wall mounts for your space.


Cheetah Mounts’ basic wall mounts

Buying a flat-screen HDTV is expensive enough. Buying a TV wall mount should not be equally expensive. For cheap, affordably priced high quality TV wall mounts, there are only a few places to search in Canada. The Cheetah Mounts’ basic wall mounts are highly rated and affordably priced, with its competitors playing catch-up.


Sanus Systems’ tilting wall mount

Sanus Systems’ tilting TV wall mount is among the best in the market, in part because it features a high quality design and is a highly popular choice among Canadian consumers. Move your TV easily and angle it to reduce glare. Suiting a TV up to 70 inches in size and weighing up to 150 pounds, it serves to highlight why checking your TV’s specifications prior to buying a wall mount is imperative.


OmniMount PLAY40 full-motion

In 2018, the OmniMount PLAY40 has received high ratings for its adaptability and is one of the better full-motion mounts on the market. Receive horizontal and lateral movement, a sturdy articulating arm, and support a TV up to 55 inches in size. For when you need to change the viewing perspective, a full-motion TV wall mount like this is recommended. A simple tilt and fixed wall mount is not enough, for spaces with a range of different seating. Be it simple, more basic options or full-motion wall mounts, every space is different. Personalize the viewing experience according to your interests, budget, and preferences.


TV wall mounts in Canada have become increasingly popular and more affordable in 2018. For households everywhere, a high quality TV wall mount can help enhance viewing and really up the experience of watching a movie, TV show, sports game, news program, and more.

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For the most affordable TV wall mounts in Canada, visit Prime Cables. With free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, there are a range of different TV wall mounts to browse including basic, fixed, tilt, swivel, articulating arm, and full-motion options. Enjoy high quality products at more affordable pricing than you’ll find anywhere else with Prime Cables!

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