What to Do If Your Wall Won’t Let You Mount Your Flat-Screen TV

To mount a TV, you need a wall with studs. If you don’t have the right kind of wall, don’t have available studs, or do not have permission to drill into the wall to mount a flat-screen TV, fortunately, this isn’t the end of the conversation around mounting a TV.

So you can’t use a TV wall mount on your wall. No big deal. Opt for a slim, heavy-duty TV cart instead.

What Is A TV Cart?

A TV cart, aka a TV stand, is a structure with a heavy base and a sturdy steel tower extending upward.

At the top of that tower, one can put a mount and mount their flat-screen. A TV cart is height-adjustable with shelves and the ability to provide a slight tilt – just like a TV wall mount – to counteract glare.

Some TV carts are a little bulky. Ideally, you want to find one that’s reasonably slim so that it’s taking up only minimal space.

Will A TV Cart Work to Mount My TV?

Yes, a TV cart will work to get your flat-screen up and mounted. A slim cart design can also be positioned flat against the wall which, when dressed up, will make your screen identical to one that’s been mounted.

You need the right kind of TV cart or TV stand though. It’s a free-standing structure and so you want it to be sturdy enough to hold your flat-screen without any issue. Heavy-duty casters are welcome.

Every TV cart has a limit on the size and weight it can carry. Be sure to confirm that this lines up with your screen.

Slim TV Cart TV Stand for LED LCD 37″-80″ screens up to 88lb PrimeCables®

Do I Have to Be Worried About My TV Cart Falling Over?

Because your mount isn’t affixed to the wall, you may worry about your TV cart falling over from weight. If you’ve never used a TV cart before, this is an understandable concern. If it’s a high-quality design though, you have nothing to worry about.

For example, the PrimeCables.ca TV cart for LED screens is strength-tested three times over. Assuming you haven’t put too much weight on it, there’s no way it’s going to overturn.

Most TV stands like this are stronger than most can imagine and are a handy asset for any homeowner who doesn’t want to damage their wall. This gives anyone the chance to mount a flat-screen and to do so safely without any risk.

We are happy to be able to bring products like these to market, allowing home theater fans, homeowners, and gift-buyers the chance to have TV wall mounts, TV stands, and TV carts to customize the experience of watching stuff at home. Visit PrimeCables.ca today to see our growing inventory of home theater TV carts, stands, mounts, and more.