How To Take the Best Selfie With A Ring Light

A 10” selfie ring light drastically improves the quality of your image-taking. Be it photos or video, regular camera selfie-takers should consider buying a ring light.

Producing a form of soft, direct light, you minimize shadows and imperfections without having to turn on any filter. Influencers, YouTubers, models, and image experts use it all the time. Now it’s time for you to do the same. Here is how to take the best selfies with a ring light.

Invest In Your Look

Ring lights deliver to you a sharper, more accurate image. This is going to challenge a subject to step up their game and get their look just right. From skin and makeup to pose and shape, influencers in particular will want to make sure they’re presenting right.

Camera Goes Center

A ring light produces relatively even light. Where you take your picture from is arguably of more importance than where your subject is at. Your camera should be positioned behind the ring light, direct in its middle.

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Subject Gets Close

You want your smartphone ring light to have some impact so you don’t want to be too far away. This means staying within two feet of it. This will ensure the soft, direct light is doing its job while giving the subject enough space to feel like they aren’t unnaturally leaning into the light.

Try Different Angles

If you have a friend who can help you move around the ring light, you can shoot photos and videos from different angles including down below or up above. Uncommon angles with ring lighting is a technique used by many Instagram models and influencers, video bloggers, and YouTubers.

Look Directly Through

A ring light works its best when you’re looking at the camera straight through. This means, even when the angle is adjusted, do your best to look at your camera. Not doing so will mean the lighting essentially does the same thing overhead lighting does which is create unnatural, awkward shadows.

Keep Your Camera Still

The best selfies are those where the camera is still. A ring light isn’t enough to cover a poorly handled smartphone. Be sure to position your phone on a smartphone tripod stand. A lot of ring lights tend to come with a tripod stand and phone holder built in. Another method to nearly guarantee stillness is to use a Bluetooth-enabled photo-taker.

Dim It If It’s Uncomfortable

Looking directly through the ring light or at the ring light can mean headaches. If you’re uncomfortable at all, turn down the brightness. They’re dimmable lights! Experiment a little with brightness and the impact it has on your photos.

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