Why A TV Cart Is Better Than A Wall Mount For A Small Condo

Living in a condo in a city is a beautiful experience. It comes with its challenges though. From bachelor-size condos to multi-bedroom condos, every square foot matters when it comes to decorating and furniture.

Most condos are rentals which means a tenant drilling into a wall for their TV wall mount isn’t possible. If that’s you, there’s an alternative. A TV cart. It’s slim. It can lay flat against the wall, identical to a mount. It is also movable throughout the unit.

A slim cart is well worth a buy and here’s why.

Like A TV Wall Mount

Every TV cart is different. They work very similar to a TV wall mount in that they have VESA specifications and a size range. Find a cart that is right for your flat-screen.

They’re Heavy Duty

A mobile TV stand is heavy-duty and built well. They can generally handle more weight. This doesn’t mean you can stack items on them with no consequence but is to say that it’s no flimsy cheap TV wall mount.

Though models vary, the PrimeCables mobile TV cart is made from heavy-duty steel, is powder-coated, and has an integrated design that makes it impossible to knock over or have its stability be compromised.

Multi-Use For Presentations

A slim TV cart like this is perfect for business presentations at the office or in the classroom, using as a prop at a concert, or if anyone ever needs a big-screen mount at their place. You can also utilize it for Zoom presentations if you work from home.

You can even take your TV cart outside onto a condo balcony for a late-night summertime outdoor movie.

Move It From Room To Room

Having a TV cart on wheels means you can move it to the master bedroom when you want to watch a movie in private. You can wheel your flat-screen into the kitchen while you’re cooking, keep the TV in your living room, or use it as a backdrop for Zoom calls wherever is most accommodating.

The wheels also lock, ensuring that stability isn’t compromised. If you accidentally bump it, the cart’s not going to suddenly roll.

Multiple Platforms

There is a webcam platform above the TV mount part of the slim TV cart and a platform underneath for a laptop, gaming console, Android box, or anything else you want to hook up.

Height Adjustability

Unlike a TV wall mount, a height-adjustable TV cart can raise or lower the screen to where you need it to be.

Living in a small condo, a TV stand is the perfect place to put your flat-screen. Get your slim TV cart on sale today from PrimeCables.ca.

Is A Slim TV Stand Strong Enough to Hold My Flat-Screen TV? – See Here!

A TV cart offers a type of flat-screen presentation that not even a TV wall mount can offer.

Any type of TV wall mount is always going to need studs in the wall. Without studs, there is great risk when it comes to mounting a flat-screen no matter how lightweight the screen is. After all, screens need something to anchor to.

A slim TV cart is mobile, can be positioned anywhere, and is essentially a freestanding TV wall mount.

How Stable Is A TV Cart?

You may have doubts that a TV cart is able to carry a flat-screen. Don’t! This is a heavy-duty structure.

A slim TV cart is designed to be your TV wall mount when you don’t have the wall mount or the studs. Its design is highly intelligent and knowing this is a product that’s going to carry your flat-screen, rest assured that it’s been thoroughly strength-tested.

The PrimeCables.ca model, for example, has been three times strength-tested and is highly rated.

Slim TV Cart TV Stand for LED LCD 37″-80″ screens up to 88lb PrimeCables®

What Kind of Flat-Screen Can You Put On A TV Cart?

Just like a TV wall mount, there are specifications on a TV cart as it pertains to weight, size, and design.

The best slim TV cart in Canada comes from PrimeCables.ca. It is freestanding and can hold screens between 37” and 80”. In terms of weight, its maximum is 88 lbs. Anything within this framework can be held by a slim TV cart.

In terms of VESA specifications, this is also something to consider. The slim TV cart we’re speaking of is compatible with VESA ratings of 400×200, 300×200, 600×400, 400×300, 300×300, 200×200, and 400×400.

How Much Motion is Given To A Slim TV Cart?

A slim TV cart doesn’t have any sort of articulating arm and does not inherently have a lot of motion. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any adjustments you can make, however, around the angle.

A slim TV cart is height adjustable with a spring lock. Thereby, you can raise and lower your TV according to where you’re positioned in the room.

A lot of these types of TV mount carts also have a slight tilt to them to resolve glare caused by daytime lighting.

A home theater TV cart also has cable management in its design, obscuring things like HDMI cables, USB cables, audio-video cables, and more.

Shop TV wall mounts and slim TV carts, and other home theater flat-screen accessories at PrimeCables.ca.