What is PrimeCables 24h Flash deal about?

If you have visited our web site, you should have known that we do have our weekly flyer send out on regular basis and every day, we will have one exclusive flash deal with the lowest price that you will get from the market, the price is usually unbeatable and the most important, the deals are usually are TOP 10 PrimeCables HOT SALES!

So what is PrimeCables Flash deals about for this week? It’s about Back to School! As we all know the BTS does not really only require office station items or printers, student do have different needs depend on the field of studies. For art or Tech students, the best thing  to have are mostly monitor related, a product like monitor mount, adjustable sit stand desk or even an ergonomic chair will definitely improve the quality of work.

Here are the exclusive deal from Aug 14th to Aug 20th, each deal lasts 24 hours:

PrimeCables exclusive flash deal
PrimeCables exclusive flash deal

HDMI Splitter 1×2 with Full 3D

Audio Splitter 3.5mm 5 Way Hub Headphone for PC

Orvibo® Smart Wifi Power Outlet S25

Universal Sound Bar Speaker Bracket-PrimeCables®

Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

PrimeCables® Duplex Receptacle Wall Plate

500FT 23AWG Bare Copper Cat6 4 Pairs UTP Solid Cable

Personally, I prefer the Orvibo Smart Wifi power outlet, the reason is simply because I am a believer of smart home products,  it’s always convenient for you to have sort of extra control while you are away from home, with this amazing wifi outlet control, you will be able to remotely open / close your devices, set up the timer or even plan everything ahead before you go back home, sound’s awesome isn’t it ? If you want to check the extra information how this device work, you can check our PrimeCables Youtube channel to find out more related products.

The second thing that I would like to suggest, is our microphone suspension stand, as you all know the microphone stands are usually expensive, if you use this keyword and search on Amazon.ca, the minimum that you could get is around $30 and up to $200, , with the flash deal as cheap as $9.99, I would have multiple sets of microphone stand in my studio for different record purposes, so why not ?

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