How to Choose the Right USB Type-C Cable To Prevent “Device Homicide”

How to choose a good USB C cable
How to choose a good USB C cable

The USB Type-C Cable is a new universal connector, which many smartphones, tablets and laptops are now using that provides advanced features such a reversible port with bi-directional capabilities, and power delivery up to 100watts just to name a few.

While the demand for the latest & greatest devices are being met, manufacturers are still in the early stages of providing quality USB Type-C Cables, many of which are poorly designed and could potentially damage your hardware.

So now that it’s time to start populating your living and workspace with new USB Type-C chargers and accessories, be warned. If you are careless in choosing a poorly made cable, you could be sending your shiny new device straight for the electrical chair. And if it fries due to your basic neglect, it isn’t the USB Type-C Cable’s fault. It’s yours; you’re guilty of “device homicide.”

So how can the average consumer pick the right USB Type-C cable, to prevent ruining expensive hardware? Understand what unregulated USB Type-C Cable issues have arisen, why a quality cable is paramount, and where to trust finding the most reliable cables at PrimeCables’ type c cable.

How A Bad Cable Could Damage your Hardware

New devices that require the advanced USB Type-C Cable support faster charging, however until now devices have used the older less powerful USB Type-A Cable which were never designed to withhold or provide the level of power a USB Type-C device can take.

The problem arises with cables that feature a USB Type-C connector on one end, and an older USB connector such as the Type-A on the other end. Most devices are still currently using the USB Type-A port, which is the most common USB port with significantly less power.

While it is the cable’s responsibility to make sure a device charging from it doesn’t try to pull too much power, in a poorly designed cable it lies to the device by communicating that it is attached to a charging path like the Type-C to Type-C Cable, and the device will attempt to draw power it is incompatible with. This process will likely permanently damage the weaker device the Type-A end of the cable is plugged into.

It is vital that you match the appropriate cables with devices that can withstand the power of it, further learn inside & out what power your new device is capable of, and select the conducive accessories from a professional cable company such as PrimeCables to avoid disaster.

Saving Your Device from the Death Penalty

Before buying any USB Type-C Cables for your new devices, look up whether the cable is actually compliant with the USB Type-C specification. You also may want to get a quality USB Type-C to Type-A Cable to charge it on your older laptop or older power blocks.

While popular retailers and smartphone companies provide a variety of cables and adapters, you shouldn’t buy any random cable you find online. In this time of Type-A to Type-C Cable transition, companies are trying to crack down on USB Type-C Cables that don’t meet stringent standards. But scarily enough even smartphone companies have been known to ship bad cables responsible for destroying their own products.

So how do you make sure to not purchase cables from a company who’s only guaranteed use, will be a device noose?

Unless you’re able to replace your device weekly, carelessly selecting a poorly made USB Type-C Cable is like damaging your devices only lifeline. It isn’t worth the risk. This is where you leave it to the professionals who offer trusted top of the line products:

Your Device Lifeline: Trust “Cable Professionals”

The solution to such a catastrophic problem is ridiculously obvious. Invest in cables specifically made from a company that specializes in providing quality cables, who guarantee the highest standard in the market such as PrimeCables. Not only does their product offer the highest standard in cables, but a lifetime guarantee is offered attesting to the quality of their cables. If that’s not enough PrimeCables always promises to offer appropriate solutions at affordable prices that don’t break the bank. With a tried and true company that is trusted like us, you can relax to freely enjoy accessorizing your new device knowing it will remain as safe and strong as ever.


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