How to Choose the Right Ergonomic and Adjustable Desk

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So you’re looking to optimize your workspace in an ergonomic way. Most people buy an ergonomic chair and leave it there. The problem with this is that, even with an ergonomic chair, this does not optimize your body in the way that is possible when combined with an ergonomic, height adjustable desk.


More than 50 percent of office workers are equipped with the wrong ergonomic setup for their needs. How to choose the right ergonomic and adjustable desk begins with learning more about what an ergonomic desk is and the reason for it.


Desk ergonomics is all about adjusting the setup of one’s desk to match the way that we naturally use our bodies. For example, it is not natural to be setup looking down at a 45-degree angle for hours on end at our laptop screens, nor is it a natural position for our bodies to have both arms propped up on top of a desk. Bodies are made to move, vary that movement, and are not meant to remain in awkward, still positions for long periods of time.
Choosing the right ergonomic and adjustable desk begins with figuring out the size of what you are looking for. Nobody wants a desk too small for what they wish to use it for. That just ends up in clutter. Next, you want to make sure that the height is adjustable to allow you to be able to type without having to reach for it in an awkward way. If you decide to purchase an ergonomic and adjustable desk with a keyboard tray, you should be able to sit comfortably here with your feet flat and knees bent at ninety degrees.


There are plenty of ergonomic options in the marketplace as it relates to chairs and desks but the biggest advantage of having an adjustable desk is that it allows a user to modify their position as they see fit. If you want to stand for a period of time while working, raising the height of the desk to meet a standing position is achievable with an ergonomic, adjustable desk. If you want to sit cross-legged on the floor, some desks are adjustable to that extent. When you just want to be set up in a seated position, you can do this as well.


Anyone seeking to avoid the aches and pains of desk life, such as neck and back pain, desk ergonomics must be a key consideration moving forward when choosing the next addition to your office.

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