What Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk is Right For My Home Office? – Read Here!

Height-adjustable desks are hitting it big in 2021, upgrading home offices to something extraordinary and more productive. There are literally dozens of ergonomic desk home office options to choose from. To decide on what the right sit-stand desk is for your unique office situation, fortunately, doesn’t have to take long. Use this guide to sit-stand desks to consider the height…

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Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk Converter on sale at PrimeCables.ca!

If you’re working nine-to-five sitting at a desk every day of the week, you may experience some fatigue or soreness that can only be relieved by getting up and walking around the office. One of the best ways to change your workstation is with the PrimeCables® Portable Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter, on sale till the end of the month…

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PrimeCables Sit Standing Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Riser on Sale!

The PrimeCables Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk is an ergonomic solution to elevate your desktop workspace from sitting position usage to standing, perfect for retail, reception, and customer service work environments, and even for achieving ergonomic relief at home. This elegant, mechanical solution is on sale now for just $189.99, and comes in a variety of colours and sizes.   If…

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Will I achieve the PrimeCables sit standing desk CHALLENGE?

  It was 12:59 am and I was fully awake. All I had in front of me was the blank laptop screen and a table full of scrap paper with various ideas and notes written on them…. I have to admit, it was unusual that my table was this messy. I mean, yeah, I always have to drink lots of…

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Don’t Wait until Black Friday, here are 5 Things you should Buy Now

The best time to buy is Black Friday. Thanks to Prime Cables’ lead-up to the big day though, you don’t need to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for the year’s biggest savings.   Don’t wait. Buy now and you won’t regret it. Though even more savings are around the corner, on these items, prices are never going to…

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Did you Know the Sitting Disease is Real – Consider sit standing solution

The average Canadian spends a significant portion of their day sitting through a haze of work. Beyond this, the time spent commuting involves sitting. And, when you come home after work, you probably like to sit down to eat at the kitchen table and then go sit down on the couch for some TV.   These things are all normal…

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Top 4 Advantages of Buying an Ergonomic Foot Rest

  Buying an ergonomic sit-stand desk, for many people, gets them started on their journey towards a more active lifestyle. Learning how to treat your back, shoulders, and neck right in an office environment oftentimes leaves the legs and feet forgotten about.   It’s important that your feet and legs are being properly supported. The next step towards having a…

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The Ultimate Sit-Stand and Standing Desk Guide

UPDATE: Check here for for complete guide of how to choose the sit standing height adjustable desk riser   Why more people are coming to buy sit-stand and standing desks have to do with the benefits. The more that a person sits over the course of their day, the higher their blood pressure tends to be, the higher their blood sugar tends…

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Monitor Desk Mount Diversity: Upgrade to the Workstation You Deserve!  

Employees attempting to upkeep a healthy productive lifestyle in the workplace are no longer leaving that decision to their employers. While waiting endlessly on budget approval for necessary workstation upgrades that never come, employees are taking matters into their own hands by personally investing into their workstation to benefit immediate lifestyle changes. While the Sit-Stand Desk has brought a fundamental…

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