How An L-Shape Sit Stand Desk Makes For The Ultimate Gaming Setup

To make gaming more fun, something like an L-shape sit stand desk can help you get the most from your tools and accessories.

Lots of gaming accessories and products exist. If you don’t have a comfortable gaming desk though, you’re at a disadvantage. For first-time buyers of ergonomic gaming desks or if you’re confused about why an L-shape height adjustable desk makes sense for gaming, here’s the truth.

Gaming Desks Aren’t Cheap

A lot of gaming desks can get quite advanced with features and all sorts of bits and bobs. Anything but affordable, most people don’t need these sort of high-tech tabletops. An L-shape standing desk is an alternative, far more inexpensive and offering lots of benefits.

Select Your Own Tabletop

With an L-shape gaming desk, you can build your own tabletop or buy your own and totally customize your gaming desk. It’s a big opportunity to get the best gaming table based on your interests and preferences.

Set It To Your Desired Height

Being height-adjustable, your sit stand desk you can move up to stand or down to a sit. At an optimum height, you make it easier on your posture, and can stay engaged and focused for longer.

Put In A Monitor Arm

To take your gaming desk to the next level, use a monitor arm to mount your screen. An L-shape desk has plenty of space to set up a monitor and optimize the ergonomics of your day-to-day gaming setup.

More Than Enough Desk Space

The top reason gamers buy L-shape sit-stand desks is for the additional desk space that a computer desk doesn’t have. You have lots of places to put controllers, snacks, speakers, headphones, chargers, and whatever you need.

Maximize Your Room’s Available Area

A desk that doesn’t quite fit in your room can take up more space than is needed. Put your L-shape electric standing desk in the corner. It fits there perfectly. As a corner standing desk, you make the most of the available space you have.

Repurpose It As A Work Area

When you aren’t gaming, an L-shape desk can be repurposed as a work area when you need it. A budget-friendly home office table like this meets all the expectations for a gaming station in addition to being a great place to host a FaceTime meeting, do the occasional work-from-home gig, or pursue a passion project.Pick up your L-shape sit stand desk with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada from

What Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk is Right For My Home Office? – Read Here!

Height-adjustable desks are hitting it big in 2021, upgrading home offices to something extraordinary and more productive.

There are literally dozens of ergonomic desk home office options to choose from. To decide on what the right sit-stand desk is for your unique office situation, fortunately, doesn’t have to take long. Use this guide to sit-stand desks to consider the height adjustable desks available to you today.


The aesthetic of a home office desk may matter more to some than it does to others. Desks are made from a variety of materials, such as wood and metal. Color-wise, black, grey, and adaptable shades of neutral colors are go-tos.

Manual or Electric

Height adjustability requires a mechanism to raise and lower the desktop. This can be done manually which will save you a few bucks. It can also be done electronically, if you want to maintain some simplicity.

Small Space or Large Space

A sit-stand height adjustable desk doesn’t always fit into small spaces. If you do have a small space, consider an ergonomic frame that fits neatly to the dimensions you have. A corner standing desk with a small-to-average-sized desktop is perfect.

Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Electric Frame (Included Table Top) – PrimeCables®

Size of the Tabletop

The tabletop on your sit-stand desk matters a lot. You have to maximize available space, to prevent cluttering and ensure you remain productive even in the most disorganized of environments.

L-Shaped or V-Shaped

They also make L-shaped ergonomic desks and V-shaped ergonomic desks to fit into all sorts of professional settings. If you do have the space, a modular, sleek ‘V’ or ‘L’ provides maximum desktop space and looks executive-level.

Dual-leg Height Adjustable Electric sit and stand frame for L shape Desk Top Black – PrimeCables®

Convert An Existing Desk

If you already have a home office desk you love, you can convert it into a standing desk with a converter. A sit-stand desk converter sits on top of an existing desktop, providing a secondary desktop on which you can set your things and work at either a sitting or standing position.

Customize With A Tabletop

There are also ergonomic sit-stand desk frames that do not include the tabletop. This is advantageous for people who are looking to add their own tabletop and/or to customize the aesthetic of their home office desk.

Built-In Compartments

Some desks have built-in compartments and even outlets. The more advanced the design, the greater the cost however. If you’re looking at affordability as your top priority in selecting an ergonomic desk, we recommend steering clear of anything more than a built-in drawer.

Make your office pop! Give yourself an ergonomic sit-standing desk that can adjust height-adjustability in seconds. In any home office, a sit-stand desk would look wonderfully at ease. Find everything you need at

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk Converter on sale at!

If you’re working nine-to-five sitting at a desk every day of the week, you may experience some fatigue or soreness that can only be relieved by getting up and walking around the office. One of the best ways to change your workstation is with the PrimeCables® Portable Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter, on sale till the end of the month for just $99.99.


This Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter allows you to instantly transform your workspace, giving you the opportunity to work standing up, freeing up the blood flow in your legs and providing an alternative to sitting that benefits your posture, feet, and neck.


Featuring a height adjustment range of 40mm to 400mm, or 1.6 inches to 15.7, just set it up on your desktop surface and put your laptop or monitor upon it to give yourself an ergonomic boost to your workstation.


Save $20 and order it before the end of the month and receive free shipping anywhere nationwide!


Ultra-slim and designed for saving space and easy storage, the PrimeCables® Portable Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter features five height settings on an easy-to-clean plastic surface with a durable steel and aluminum structure. It’s especially helpful for getting work done when you’re suffering from any kind of long-term leg or back injury.


There’s no hydraulic parts or gas spring mechanism, so you can use it right out of the box and install it anywhere, at work, home, school, even on the road. Adjust the height by simply pulling up on the handle on the right-hand side of the device.


Boasting a workspace measuring 660mm x 470mm and a weight capacity of 8kgs., this lightweight and portable height adjustable sit-stand desk converter is suitable for laptops, tablets, and flat screen monitors of all types.

We offer free shipping on any order of $49 and up nationwide, so if you’re already sold, then take advantage of our promotion and stock up on all the ergonomic accessories you need while you’re at it!

We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you’re working, you can get this sit-stand desk converter in about a week anywhere coast to coast. If you’re in dire need of an ergonomic workstation solution, then you can add fast shipping in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and receive it in a day or two, tops.


For all your ergonomic accessories, sit-stand desk devices, and more, visit us today at!

PrimeCables Sit Standing Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Riser on Sale!

The PrimeCables Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk is an ergonomic solution to elevate your desktop workspace from sitting position usage to standing, perfect for retail, reception, and customer service work environments, and even for achieving ergonomic relief at home. This elegant, mechanical solution is on sale now for just $189.99, and comes in a variety of colours and sizes.


PrimeCables sit stand desk
PrimeCables sit stand desk

If you’re eager to spend less time sitting down and still wish to get ergonomic accessories, then this is the perfect solution for you. Canadians spend on average 10 hours a day with their butts in their seats, and this can often cause issues with the spinal cord, posture, fatigue, and circulation. This innovative solution is available in 26” and 35” widths, and either black or white, so you can pick the right one for your desktop workspace and feel the “go” in “ergonomic”!

In seconds, you’re able to switch from sitting to standing position, in one smooth motion, using this durable, mechanical desktop accessory, as seen in our YouTube video.

The centre of gravity remains constant to avoid disaster when repositioning the riser. Equipped with handles on either side, gas springs, and a foolproof mechanical design, it transforms from sitting to standing position and back in one fluid motion. Boasting 12 different options for height adjustment, from 150mm height all the way up to 500mm, you can retain your most comfortable posture in the most customizable way.

Featuring a groove for smartphones and tablets, the Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk Riser has a totally personalized setup style that can allow for flat surface viewing, such as for magazines, books and tablets, laptops, desktop computers with mouse and keyboard on the lower tray, dual displays, or even desktop, laptop, and handheld all on one surface.

Get creative and combine the riser with a TygerClaw 13″ – 23″ Dual-Arm Monitor Desk Mount, and Anti-fatigue Standing Mat/Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat, and give yourself the most adjustable, ergonomic workstation in the office!

The Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Riser has a weight capacity of 33lbs., it can tilt, swivel, and rotate, making it prime for counter interactions with clientele, as well as providing a mobile desktop that’s swift, sexy, and safe to use, giving you the most comfort, customization, and fun at your desk.
PrimeCables cares about ergonomic design and is offering the lowest price nationwide. This product comes with free shipping coast-to-coast, so what are you waiting for? Get comfy and get moving, get the Sit Standing Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Riser on today!

Will I achieve the PrimeCables sit standing desk CHALLENGE?



It was 12:59 am and I was fully awake. All I had in front of me was the blank laptop screen and a table full of scrap paper with various ideas and notes written on them….

I have to admit, it was unusual that my table was this messy. I mean, yeah, I always have to drink lots of coffee to keep me alive, too much caffeine would make anyone a little nausea, rather than feeling inspirational. I had to agree that I was totally run out of ideas and had nothing else in me to give. That is where this story comes from.

Just in case if you don't know what sit stand desk is, here you go!
Just in case if you don’t know what sit stand desk is, here you go!

Everything dated back to last month when my boss had a “special” meeting with me. At first glance, I thought it was a meeting to talk about all my hard works and so forth. In fact, it wasn’t. The idea behind the meeting was very simple. Just like what every boss wants, he wanted to push up the sit standing desk sales which is never really a bad idea. Of course! I mean, who doesn’t?

When I heard this from my boss, my heart began pumping. I felt a little bit excitement from my tiny little heart, with a little breath in my lungs, I just simply accepted the challenge with my bitter smile, I was completely spaced out at the moment, probably lack of sleep, or maybe a little bit hangover. I didn’t really know what I had accepted though back to the time, the only thing that I remembered is when I was keep nodding and nothing else, I suddenly felt like a tragic hero, the hero is about to sacrifice his life, the hero that doesn’t know where he is belong to and the hero…..”what about let’s make the goal to increase the sit stand desk sales revenue triple by the end of Nov ?” My boss asked politely, it made me came back from the reality, and yeah, this time is going to be our legendary “sit standing desk” AKA model MT101 & ET101 series. “Damn, you must not be kidding” I murmured.This was the time where I couldn’t feel my balls anymore. Yeah, it was THAT serious!


So, after I received this challenge, I started to implement resources into all the channels we had. I made sure that the marketing budget I had was sufficient, the organic content that we had was helpful for our customers, and that the sit standing desk price that we had was Canada’s lowest guaranteed. For the month of October, the sale units increased way more than the average. I can’t name all the great records that we hit during the month of October. Despite the massive success, it still was not enough for the triple sales goal that my boss assigned. You know, that is why it’s called “triple”. Because ONLY the sky is our limit, nope, my limit actually.

Needless to say, November has finally arrived and thus so does my task due day. I felt like the countdown bell has finally come to an end, and since most of the campaign budget was relocated to Black Friday SALE / Cyber Monday related campaigns, I did not really have much budget left. As you can see, this was pretty much a last minute call. I had nothing to do but to use my brain power and come up with a solid plan to bring sales that could impress literally EVERYONE.

Oops, I meant if my plan succeeds… OR, I don’t know what’s coming after! After hours of contemplating, with lots of caffeine flowing in my body and lots of diagrams plus even my own impressive hand-made drawing, I finally come out with the conclusion for what our sit standing desk campaign should look like! It must be:

sit stand desk campaign

1)         Zero budget or nearly zero since I do not have much left.
2)         Super simple and easy to execute, most of my colleagues went on vacations.
3)         The campaign has to be special!
4)         This campaign will be awesome!


I am so impressed that it took hours of my time to come out with such a BRILLIANT conclusion.

Pro tips for marketers: If you are completely out of ideas and you are really desperated, it’s better for you to either take a BIG nap or dump, because let’s face it – most of our great ideas come from the toilet.

Without hesitation, I came up with a few hashtags & concepts for this campaign. Now the problem lay on which name should I choose? This was rather a tough question, so I brought my idea paper to my cat and let my cute kitties to choose. Why – because it’s authentic and non-biased.

You will be always be surprised by how the little furs impress you in life! How did I do it – just simply talked to my kitties and asked him if he / she if they like the idea. You can do this yourself. If your cat answers “meow”, then it should be work. That’s my rule. On the other hand, if you ask and the cat scratches you or they walk away, then it means they probably hate the idea so you might want to do away with it. For this campaign I had to spend like an hour talking to cats like an idiot in the middle of night when everyone was sleeping. That said though, I have tried this method a couple of times in the past and it’s always been successful. So this has become my life saver!

sit stand desk campaign 2.jpg

After a quick decision making process with my cats’ amazing assistance (and scratching of course), I chose the campaign name as “#SitStandDeskChallenge”. To me, this is very straight-forward. At the same time, it’s highly correlated to the topic that we are promoting, which is a healthier and ergonomic way to “sit less & stand more” (click here for our animated video) in your office environment.

The idea here is to make this campaign as raw as possible, without any useless, artificial or deceptive contents like other marketing companies may do. We don’t agree with those practices so our idea is very simple. In every hour and half, we send out notifications to stand up, or to sit down, or any of the other things you may hear in the office. This is a campaign meant to be fun and with positive intent to raise awareness of the benefits of sit-stand working!

Note: We had also tried the KONAMI code to play with this sit stand desk, which is ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA. In this process, our product specialist ran to me and just wanted me to stop it. I had no choice but to cancel this plan. (What a shame)

I believe that with this repetitive notification plan that we push on social media platforms, people will start to realize that we can shift from the traditional idea to a new modern ergonomic way of working. Today, this is how an office should work. At the same time, people can bring office fun talk into their work place. Working does not require a person to be rigid. In fact, a healthier posture during long hours of work will enhance productivity & creativity!

An example like this:

Or this:

sit stand desk campaign 3.jpg

Even this ?????

sit stand desk campaign 4.jpg

To straighten the idea a bit, we even thought about creating an “achievement” unlock. For example, once you stand for a certain amount of hours. I guess we will be starting with the purpose of informing customer in a more informal and humorous matter. Let’s say if this concept works, then more fun & rewards can be introduced in the future. If this doesn’t work, I will admit fact for being a marketing loser and go home to cry. LOL.


Will we achieve this #SitStandDeskChallenge?

I do not know. The only thing I can assure you is, there might be the chance that your boss will purchase some good quality ergonomic sit standing desks.


How to participate with us

The task is very simple. Just share this blog and stay tuned to our Twitter about the #SitStandDeskChallenge. Every 30 minutes between 9 am and 5 pm, we will randomly inform our followers that it’s the time to stand up or sit down depend on sitaution. No pressure. This is just for your reference! (Too bad if your company does not allow you to stand up. Which really sucks.) If you like my sense of humor  or you like this article (I hope so), please help me to share this on reddit, facebook, twitter or any social that you can think about it!

Feel free to share our post with the #SitStandDeskChallenge hashtag. You can share it with your friends, family, boss, boss’s wife or your purchasing manager. We are currently running a sit-stand desk giveaway event on our Facebook page. Feel free to stop by!



Just received a comment from my colleague that he said this blog sucked, I guess I better go home and cry before the Black Friday & Cyber Monday arrive! Will keep you posted.




Don’t Wait until Black Friday, here are 5 Things you should Buy Now

black friday 2017.jpg

The best time to buy is Black Friday. Thanks to Prime Cables lead-up to the big day though, you don’t need to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for the year’s biggest savings.


Don’t wait. Buy now and you won’t regret it. Though even more savings are around the corner, on these items, prices are never going to be lower. Here are 5 things you should buy now.


#1 – Audio Accessories up to 70% Off

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The Prime Cables’ Audio Festival has deals up to 70 percent off on some items. There are a number of items one can choose from including speaker wire, audiophile and instrument accessories, in-wall speaker system and wiring, and professional audio cable. All of this is available here.

If you are planning to buy a home entertainment center or instrument for your Black Friday or Cyber Monday, check out Prime Cables’ selection today to see if you can find some deals to help with setup.


#2 – Sit-Standing Desk at Canada’s Lowest Price

Where to buy sit stand desk
Where to buy sit stand desk

This sit standing height adjustable desk is ergonomically built to maximize comfortability. Raise and lower it to various positions within three seconds or less. Cut down on the market price, saving yourself nearly $100. This ergonomic sit-standing desk is available for only $189.99 for a limited time only.


#3 – TV Wall Mount with Free Shipping

TV wall mount for all your spaces
TV wall mount for all your spaces

Any orders from Prime Cables over $49 come with free shipping included. Use the code FSTV777 on any TV wall mount purchase however and you receive free shipping from the get-go. Search through Prime Cables catalog here to find the perfect wall mount for your dining room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even outdoors.


#4 – Tablet Desk Stand with Cabinet/Wall Use


Combine this with a sit-standing desk or any regular desk to provide you with an easy way to consume information on your tablet. This item will suit most smartphones and tablets, sized 4.7” to 12.9”.


#5 – Stereo Sound Bar Bluetooth


This wireless speaker sound bar is designed for Bluetooth capability, with 3.5 mm Aux in for any iPhone, iPad, Samsung, or Huawei smartphones, TVs, or DVD players. Included is a full function remote.


Smart consumers come to Prime Cables year-round for deals like these. They don’t need to wait until Black Friday on some items and neither should you. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are stressful days. If you want to take care of some of the more minor purchases or accessories purchasing, Prime Cables is a reliable Canadian market you can trust to find the best quality brands at the best prices.

Did you Know the Sitting Disease is Real – Consider sit standing solution


The average Canadian spends a significant portion of their day sitting through a haze of work. Beyond this, the time spent commuting involves sitting. And, when you come home after work, you probably like to sit down to eat at the kitchen table and then go sit down on the couch for some TV.


These things are all normal but the hard to admit truth of the matter is that there are some major health consequences that come with this extensive sitting. ‘Sitting disease’ as some researchers are calling it includes significant increases in risk of diabetes, heart disease, and/or early death. Even though the term ‘sitting disease’ admittedly is a little laugh-inducing, the consequences are very real. Because there is no immediate pain in that moment, it’s easy to ignore the fact that there are some huge health risks associated with spending 75 percent of our days in a sitting or reclined position.


We are trained from a young age to believe that sitting is just a part of our day. Students spend several hours sitting in school. Today, they play video games, watch TV, and go places and sit, and it’s perfectly normal. When we grow up though, the consequences of this constant sitting start to show in ‘sitting disease’. The results of ‘sitting disease’, or prolonged sitting, is a 112 percent increase in risk of developing diabetes, a 147 percent increase in risk of having a heart attack or stroke, a 49 percent increase in risk of premature death, and a 90 percent increase in likelihood that should a heart attack or stroke occur, it would be fatal. It doesn’t matter what age, sex, culture, or income bracket you hang out. Sitting disease is real and it affects Canadians everywhere.


There is a solution though. No one is going to up and quit their sitting activities. We get that. We all work. We commute. We sit when we are relaxing. That’s ok. The solution though involves work. When you are working sitting at your desk, your mind is activated but your body is not. So the solution is easy – to active the body. How we do that is through a sit stand desk, which is an adjustable desk that allows you to sit when you want to stand and stand when you want to stand, all the while getting work done. A standing desk such as these can help in engaging Canadians’ bodies, reducing the health risks involved in sitting disease, and even put an end to that cringe-inducing term.


Don’t subject your body to prolonged sitting. Do something about it. ‘Sitting disease’ doesn’t sound like something that should be associated with Canadian desk workers. As science continues to uncover the negative effects of sitting, don’t wait. Buy a sit-stand desk to get active again!


Top 4 Advantages of Buying an Ergonomic Foot Rest



Buying an ergonomic sit-stand desk, for many people, gets them started on their journey towards a more active lifestyle. Learning how to treat your back, shoulders, and neck right in an office environment oftentimes leaves the legs and feet forgotten about.


It’s important that your feet and legs are being properly supported. The next step towards having a more ergonomic, physically engaging environment is to have a height-adjustable ergonomic free-standing foot rest platform to add. Here are some advantages to buying an ergonomic foot rest and why it’s something that you might want to consider.


Advantage #1 – For Shorter People, a Footrest is a Great Addition

Smaller people can benefit from a footrest, to get the full extent of benefits from ergonomic seating. To get the maximum benefit from an ergonomic chair, you need your feet flat on the floor. If you’re on the shorter side height-wise, this can be tough. An adjustable foot rest lets a shorter person keep their feet flat, ensuring their weight is properly distributed and that your body is comfortable.

Advantage #2 – A Foot Rest reduces Pressure on your Legs

Reducing pressure on your legs helps to prevent blood clots related to the deep vein thrombosis, relieves pressure on the lower back, and decreases swelling and varicose veins. If you are prone to any discomfort sitting or circulation problems when seated for an extended period, choosing a foot rest helps to cure those issues.

Advantage #3 – It Encourages Active Sitting

A foot rest tends to encourage movement below the waist, helping to keep those legs engaged. Many users tend to sit and rock themselves using a foot rest to keep blood flowing and the body moving. In terms of standing at a sit-stand desk, a foot rest also provides you an opportunity to work one leg at a time while resting the other on the platform.


Advantage #4 – It Comes Height-Adjustable

The fact that you can change its height means that you can match it the way you like it with your sit-stand desk and ergonomic chair setup. While you’re still getting used to your ergonomic office setup, a footrest can help. On average, a footrest allows a person to stand up to 30 percent longer, maximizing the health benefits of standing while working.

Choosing a foot rest that is comfortable, heavy duty, and height-adjustable is key to getting the most out of your purchase. Design it specifically for your feet’s comfort. Prime Cables’ ergonomic free-standing foot rest platform comes equipped with six height settings, a padded surface to prevent slipping, all-steel construction, and a soft-grip handle making it easy to carry. Please feel encouraged to browse our other ergonomic office accessories and consider equipping your workspace with more equipment meant to maximize your

How to Choose the Right Ergonomic and Adjustable Desk

height adjustable standing desk



Check here for for complete guide of how to choose the sit standing height adjustable desk riser


So you’re looking to optimize your workspace in an ergonomic way. Most people buy an ergonomic chair and leave it there. The problem with this is that, even with an ergonomic chair, this does not optimize your body in the way that is possible when combined with an ergonomic, height adjustable desk.


More than 50 percent of office workers are equipped with the wrong ergonomic setup for their needs. How to choose the right ergonomic and adjustable desk begins with learning more about what an ergonomic desk is and the reason for it.


Desk ergonomics is all about adjusting the setup of one’s desk to match the way that we naturally use our bodies. For example, it is not natural to be setup looking down at a 45-degree angle for hours on end at our laptop screens, nor is it a natural position for our bodies to have both arms propped up on top of a desk. Bodies are made to move, vary that movement, and are not meant to remain in awkward, still positions for long periods of time.
Choosing the right ergonomic and adjustable desk begins with figuring out the size of what you are looking for. Nobody wants a desk too small for what they wish to use it for. That just ends up in clutter. Next, you want to make sure that the height is adjustable to allow you to be able to type without having to reach for it in an awkward way. If you decide to purchase an ergonomic and adjustable desk with a keyboard tray, you should be able to sit comfortably here with your feet flat and knees bent at ninety degrees.


There are plenty of ergonomic options in the marketplace as it relates to chairs and desks but the biggest advantage of having an adjustable desk is that it allows a user to modify their position as they see fit. If you want to stand for a period of time while working, raising the height of the desk to meet a standing position is achievable with an ergonomic, adjustable desk. If you want to sit cross-legged on the floor, some desks are adjustable to that extent. When you just want to be set up in a seated position, you can do this as well.


Anyone seeking to avoid the aches and pains of desk life, such as neck and back pain, desk ergonomics must be a key consideration moving forward when choosing the next addition to your office.

The Ultimate Sit-Stand and Standing Desk Guide

UPDATE: Check here for for complete guide of how to choose the sit standing height adjustable desk riser


Why more people are coming to buy sit-stand and standing desks have to do with the benefits. The more that a person sits over the course of their day, the higher their blood pressure tends to be, the higher their blood sugar tends to be, and they soon find themselves at risk of cardiovascular disease. Though this does not apply to everyone, people who spend six or more hours per day sitting are known to develop these types of issues.


This is the ultimate sit-stand and standing desk guide because it seeks to provide the information you need to decide whether a standing desk or sit-stand desk is right for you. A sit-stand desk or a standing desk is a desk that raises to the appropriate height to allow its user to stand while working. They have become increasingly popular as many entrepreneurs and celebrities have featured sit-stand desks on social media and have preached the benefits.


The main basic advantage to these desks is that they keep the legs and the body activated. To many people, the idea of standing for their entire work day sounds tough. To be fair, it is for some people. Sit-stand desks are not meant to permanently remain in the standing position however. People who use them adjust the height as they please, sometimes standing for an hour or two per day, sometimes less. Every bit helps.

In terms of buying a sit-stand desk, there are things to consider like price, how big you need your desk to be, and where you want to put it in your workspace. Consider browsing through a few different models before committing to any definitive.


After you buy your sit-standing desk, it’s all in how you want to use it. Nearly everyone who has purchased one of these desks eventually does get used to working from a standing position. It is an adjustment but working on your feet is best for your body and your mind, engaging both. At the end of the day, the neck pain or the back pain that is common among many sitters can literally be gone after a few weeks of use.


The final point that we want to make before you begin using your ergonomic sit-stand desk is to start small. Try working from your feet in short bursts before you commit to an hour. Standing for eight hours a day right out of the gate comes with its own challenges so keep that in mind.