What Makes A Work-From-Home Office Setup Ergonomic – Read here!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic truly began in Canada last March, in the past year, many Canadians have come to know exactly what it is to work from home.

Now experienced with the benefits and challenges of a work-from-home setup, you may be searching for ways to be more productive at home, to concentrate better, and to be more comfortable.

An ergonomic work-from-home office is a setup that prioritizes comfort. An ergonomic desk is proven to help office workers in any environment stay productive and reduces the aches and pains that come with day-to-day office work.

Why Is There Such A Demand for Ergonomic Home Offices?

Last year, no one expected to be sent home to work from their dining room tables, couches, bedrooms, and various other settings which are not so professional.

In an office, a lot of modern-day setups are pretty ergonomically sound. At home though, on a couch, in a kitchen chair, or even in bed is going to push your body to remain in a position it wouldn’t normally be in. The musculoskeletal pain to follow is why ergonomic offices are becoming more popular. There’s a way to fix all that.

Do You Have Aches And Pains?

Prolonged sitting and maintaining unnatural postures put stress on our frames. Eventually, this means strains happen, muscles get pulled, and you end up with aches and pains.

Solve this by selecting ergonomic office equipment that puts your body in a more comfortable position. This isn’t just about selecting the right office desk and chair, either. It’s also about placement of monitors and other factors.

Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35″ Wide – PrimeCables®

Is An Ergonomic Work-From-Home Setup Expensive?

An ergonomic work desk and station doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, in most cases, ergonomic desks can be set up for under $500.

The first thing to do is to select an ergonomic desk. Ideally, a height-adjustable sit-stand desk is best. This allows someone to go from sitting to standing and back down at their leisure, reducing the weight that would normally be put on their frame for eight hours a day sitting.

What Else Can I Do to Improve Ergonomics In My Home Office?

  • Buy a monitor mount. This attaches to your desk like a heavy-duty metal arm. It holds your monitor in an elevated position, adjustable to an optimum view. This reduces strain on shoulders, necks, and upper backs.
  • Look ahead and not down. We have a natural tendency to look down at our computers. Look ahead instead and focus on maintaining a healthy posture. In time, this will come naturally.
  • Adjust your chair to the right height. When a chair is too low, it causes a person to slouch. When the armrests are too high, they cause tension in the upper back. At the right position, there’s none of that.
  • Take a 5-minute break every hour. Walk around. Have a glass of water. Bend your legs. This will help to relieve some of the pressure that’s been put on your body.

Are you looking for trendy ways to correct mistakes in your work-from-home setup – visit PrimeCables.ca today. Check out home office accessories as well as desks, office chairs, mounts, and more.

A Sit Stand Desk to Fix Your Office Aches and Pains That You Can Actually Afford

You can feel pretty beat up at the end of the day working at an office. You wouldn’t think so by watching someone sitting there but ask anyone who has worked in an office environment. Sedentary lifestyles like this come with their fair share of aches and pains. To remain still for an entire day, it’s hard on the body. Add to that bad posture – which is very common – and tremendous pain comes with that. Thankfully, a sit-stand desk can fit that.

A sit-stand desk takes those office aches and pains, and throws them away. Do you have lower back pain you’re struggling to get rid of? What about between the shoulders or in the upper back? These are all common areas at risk of tension, pain, and repetitive strain. Eventually, you either end up with a temporary injury or discomfort that seems permanent. A sit-stand desk works by giving you the option to work while standing or sitting, as you like.

This is a height adjustable ergonomic desk that you can move up and down. When you stand, you’re taking pressure off your body. You’re putting it elsewhere. After standing for a period of time, you can adjust height once again and sit down. This takes off the stress that comes with prolonged standing. The game of minimizing aches and pains is an ongoing one however a sit-stand desk makes it easy. It gives you the option.

Beyond relieving the aches of office work, there are also other health benefits that come with standing or sit standing desks. As you’re moving and standing, you can actually burn more calories. This can reduce weight gain. There’s also some research suggesting a desk like this improves mood. We haven’t even discussed how it affects productivity yet. Offices that have widely adopted sit-stand desks have found productivity to be higher, with lesser absences and more workers invested in staying focused.

If you don’t know what sit stand desk to choose, you’ll probably find a lot of them are very expensive. For Canadians, thankfully, there’s PrimeCables. A discount retailer for Canada-only, there’s all sorts of sit stand desks waiting to be bought just filling the warehouse. For an office or home office job, this is where people are coming to get cheap high quality ergonomic desks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to completely change the way you work. Adjustable to any height, turn a normal desk into something special. Invest in yourself and feel better!

Set up your ergonomic work station on the cheap!

Build your own ergonomic setup at home or work with PrimeCables! If you’ve ever wanted an ergonomic work station, PrimeCables.ca has the solution for you. Spend less time breaking your back, and spend more time supporting your posture with some of the most innovative products on the market.

Our top-of-the-line Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Desk Frame is on sale for $30 off, at just $299.99 until May 29, is an essential component to building up your ergonomic workspace. This electric, height-adjustable desk frame, transforms from 24.8” all the way up to 49.2” in height, allowing you to accomodate children, and adults sitting and standing.

Canadians spend up to 10 hours a day seated at a desk, which can lead to poor blood circulation, fatigue, and poor posture. By standing up, you can stay on your feet and work in a leisurely position, without slouching down into a stuffy office chair, and increase your productivity.

sit stand desk solution
sit stand desk solution

The Sit Stand Dual Motor Height Adjustable Desk is equipped with two powerful, but virtually noiseless motors, operating under 50dB when adjusting the frame height; a digital LED control panel, complete with timer, customizable memory settings, and height display; as well as a collision avoidance system, stopping the motors if the desk frame comes into contact with any objects while operating.

Its weight capacity is rated up to 100kg, with overload protection, supported by a combination of sturdy steel and plastic framework. Simply add a tabletop, such as from Ikea, and your desktop computer, and make your workspace or home office into an ergonomic paradise.

Get the best of the best to complete your ergonomic workspace and consider our Ergonomic Faux-Leather High Back Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support, for the everyday low price of $149.99. Its ergonomic design fits the natural curvature of the spine, including arm rests and an adjustable lumbar support, making this the greatest addition you could make to your ergonomically-inclined home office or cubicle.

The centre of the back support pops out, with three adjustable gears, providing you with the ultimate method to control lumbar support. The high back, pneumatic height and tilt adjustments, and chrome base with five wheels and 360-degree swivel promises the best in comfort and design, an executive look with top-tier ergonomic support.

Lastly, if you’re looking to start modestly, check out the Glass Ergonomic Tabletop Riser and Desktop Stand. For just $19.99, you can raise your monitor, printer/scanner, or A/V equipment to a suitable height and get a better look at your hardware, while also leaving room underneath for cable management and other desktop utensils. Its anti-slip silicone feet give it a stable hold on any desktop surface and its simple installation will improve your workspace in a heartbeat.

All orders of $49 or greater come with free shipping to anywhere in Canada, with fast shipping available for just $5.95, so visit PrimeCables.ca for all your ergonomic workspace needs and build your own ergonomically-friendly office today!

How to Save Space using an Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Monitor desk mounts are purchased for many different reasons. The ability to lift your monitor above your desk’s surface and provide more space to work with comes with a number of advantages. Reducing clutter and seeing stronger concentration is also never a bad thing. How to save space using an ergonomic monitor arm involves considering price v. quality on some of the best monitor desk mounts in Canada. Browse the PrimeCables’ catalogue for more insight into how to make the monitor viewing experience more comfortable and relaxing.

For those of us that are saddled with a desktop monitor, a monitor arm is a necessity to maximizing space opportunities. Also, by employing an ergonomic monitor setup, you reduce the stresses on the body that come with prolonged sitting and monitors improperly placed in relation to its user. Some of the best single monitor mount products typically also come with rotation, swivel, and height adjustment capabilities, which creates a truly immersive and interactive monitor experience. Needless to say, saving space using an ergonomic monitor arm is quite the upgrade for most persons’ existing desktop setups.

Browsing the current list of PrimeCables office monitor products, one of the most popular in Canada is the PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount available today for only $159.99 with fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. For LED and LCD monitor screens up to 32”, this single monitor desk mount should more than do the trick! The detachable VESA plate makes installation easy, the grommet and clamp base are easily adaptable to desk surfaces, and, after installed, the full-motion mechanism built into its design allows the user to swivel, tilt, and rotate the screen as needed.

PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount
PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

Imagine being able to sit down at your desk and look up to see your monitor already in the perfect place. Now, with full motion, extensive size compatibility, and easy installation, there’s no reason not to consider an upgrade. The amount of space you save might also be able to help keep things more organized and focused. For smaller desks, the PrimeCables® Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount is a great option for these reasons among others. You’ll be thankful to have a neat and clutter-free appearance with integrated cable management using this single monitor mount.

Shop today with PrimeCables to begin saving valuable desk space with this ergonomic monitor arm. Believe us when we say that things will be a lot more organized and tangle-free when you throw this mount into the mix. Buy today to begin seeing the difference.

How to Ergonomically Optimize your Workspace

Build your ergonomic workstation at lower cost
Build your ergonomic workstation at lower cost

Ergonomics is essentially the commitment to creating an environment that is most favorable to proper body positioning and eye contact. By making adjustments to your workspace, you can help reduce stress on the body and keep yourself more engaged in your work for a longer period of time. How to ergonomically optimize your workspace begins by knowing what you need to buy, how to make the most from the elements in your workspace, and knowing when to switch it up to keep your mind and body engaged to the highest degree.

build your budget ergonomic workstation
build your budget ergonomic workstation

A big component in optimizing your workspace involves using a sit-standing desk. This height-adjustable desk is almost a necessary component as it is the greatest tool to combat the risk of musculoskeletal problems associated with prolonged sitting. The next time you’re sitting at a desk, take note of your posture. Chances are it’s not probably not great – and that’s pretty normal. It’s sort of natural for the body to gradually hunch over, using one or two arms to lean and/or to sit with a leg propped up in some awkward way beneath you. Though it may seem comfortable, it may be unknowingly putting stresses on your muscles, joints, and nerves. Switch to a sit-standing to begin the ergonomic optimization process!


Next on the list of how to optimize your ergonomic office is to set up your ergonomic work station. This might involve purchasing some ergonomic-friendly products such as a monitor mount, a height adjustable chair, an anti-fatigue footrest or mat, a document clip, and more. All of these products are available on discount through PrimeCables, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce office accessories marketplaces. In our catalogue, there are numerous ergonomic accessories to consider buying. Though every accessory might not be ideal for your personal workstation, that’s ok. Set up your ergonomic workstation how you want it.


At PrimeCables, designing an ergonomic workstation is treated very much like a science. Instead of physically forcing the body to confirm to workstation expectations, design the workstation to suit the worker. This is not just about buying a new ergonomic desk and chair but is about creating a work environment in which you thrive in. It’s about activating your body in strong, healthy ways while your mind is engaged in your work.


Through ergonomics may seem like the latest fad, the science it’s built on says a lot. PrimeCables is proud to be counted among the companies promoting health and well-beign in the workplace. Proper ergonomic workstation setup is increasingly a key component to improving worker health. Please feel encouraged to browse PrimeCables ergonomic office accessories today to find what suits you best!

How to Pick your Monitor Desk Mount with Ease

How to choose monitor desk mount from PrimeCables
How to choose monitor desk mount from PrimeCables

Monitor desk mounts in Canada come in all shapes and sizes so it can be difficult to know what the right choice for your setup is.

When it comes to selecting a monitor desk mount, the first step is in knowing the space that you’re working with and what its purpose will be. For example, a smaller space may only be able to accommodate two smaller monitors, in which case you will want to decide the best place for a single or dual desk mount. Ideally, when deciding where to place a monitor desk mount, it comes down to the space on the desk as well as what you’re working with in the room. To the second point, understanding the purpose of your monitor desk mount may also suggest what type you require. For example, a gamer has a little more leeway in where they can place a monitor desk mount as long as it is facing them and their controller. An audio engineer however will require monitors to be placed in a certain place, configured to their existing audio recording setup.


For 1 screen

If you’re looking to set up a small single monitor with a monitor desk mount, the easiest option available is this Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand /For 1 LCD Screen up to 27” for $25.99. If you’ve never used a monitor desk mount before and only have one LCD screen to mount, you won’t find a better choice at this price point.

For 2 dual screen


If there are two monitors you want to set up then the recommended selection comes with this Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″ for $49.99 (originally priced to market at $189.74). In Prime Cables’ monitor desk mount category, this is one of our biggest sellers and comes with full 360 degree rotation, a 180 degree swivel, and a 45 degree tilting angle for any viewing perspective. Among the more diverse options, this monitor desk mount can be used for general office use, audio engineering, gaming, home theater systems, and more.

For 3 screens 

Let’s say you’re working with three screens. Can you actually mount three screens on an individual monitor desk mount – yes, actually. Choose the Triple Screen Desktop Mount for 10”-30” Two sided mounts Swivel ±90° for $49.99 (originally priced to market at $134.59).

As evidenced, when it comes to selecting a monitor desk mount, there are several options to browse. Please feel encouraged to check out all of the Prime Cables’ monitor desk mount category and to choose the one right for you.

What other Ergonomic Tools does Prime Cables Have – Check it out!


Anyone who is interested in building the most ergonomic office setup inevitably finds their way into the marketplace for additional accessories.


The two big items to any ergonomic work stations is buying the right ergonomic chair for your needs and matching it with an ergonomically designed desk. Beyond these two major purchases, there are smaller accessories you can add on to help maximize the ergonomic potential of your arrangement. Browsing through Prime Cables’ ergonomics accessories here reveals several possibilities of products that can add to your ergonomic work experience.


Many consumers seek out anti-fatigue standing mats to add to their work setup, especially those who have sit standing desks. An anti-fatigue standing mat such as this is non-slip and has a soft foam layer that comfortably wraps around the contours of your foot. No matter if it’s standing in a kitchen environment as a chef or doing food prep, being in a warehouse on a production line, or standing up at a sit standing desk, an anti-fatigue mat like this can relieve fatigue by as much as 50 percent over the course of the day.


If the majority of your day is being spent sitting down, a height adjustable foot rest like this might work for you. The graphite and textured surface is meant to stimulate tired feet. It’s not quite a massage but it does come close on some days, we admit.


If a foot rest seems like it is encouraging prolonged sitting, an ergonomic foot rocker might be more your style. Designed for home office applications, ergonomic foot rockers like this have settings for both more exaggerated rocking motions and more restricted rocking. This item’s anti-slip design for stability and 1-year warranty is attractive to consumers looking for ergonomic accessories.


If the budget is a little higher, we recommend a climate control foot rest which stimulates heat and cold as you need. This is among our most premium ergonomic accessories on sale. The climate control footrest has two height settings, three tilt angles, and radiates temperatures on low and high settings. The fan built into it means you can easily adjust workspace airflow. The surface massage bumps are also nice on the bottoms of the feet. For only $84.99, it’s a steal!


Ergonomic tools including those mentioned in this article can make the world of difference. Prime Cables’ ergonomic tools and accessories are constantly being added to with each passing quarter. Please feel encouraged to browse our selection and remember, any orders over $49 in Canada come with free shipping!

How Are our Sit Desks Different from the IKEA Standing Desk

d7ead-PrimeCables-Cab-MT101-All-Monitor-Desk-Mounts-Height-Adjustable-Standing-Desk-Riser-M-Size-ADR-26-wide-Black-PrimeCables-.jpgIf you have recently looked into buying an IKEA standing desk, you’ve probably come across two conclusions. Firstly, they don’t appear to be built all too well, having a limited design. Also, the price can get pretty high up to $619 and beyond. Of course, this is just merely an idea based on user experience perspective.


As a Canadian-made brand and having served Canadians in this space the past few years, we at PrimeCables don’t really see that as acceptable. We know you may want to consider different sit standing desks than the IKEA standing desk. So consider taking a glimpse through our sit stand selection. Here are some the ways in which our products are different from the IKEA standing desks.


The first thing you will notice amongst our selection is the sheer number of sit standing desks available. Yes, quantity does not make quality but it does help. Please browse through the different models. Each has different features to consider. Finding the model that most appeals to your needs should not be difficult with such a large selection.

sit standing desk canada

The next thing you might notice are the discount prices on sit standing desks compared to IKEA. Prime Cables has sit standing desks beginning at $189.99 and more premium models also available at reasonable cost.


When it comes to design, we do believe that we have superior sit standing desk products than IKEA. For example, even our lowest priced model at $189.99 comes with accommodations for a computer monitor, laptop, tablet, and keyboard and mouse. The model we are discussing also comes with twelve height adjustable options. If you are searching for something smaller and perhaps more in line with the IKEA standing desk design, a dual motor desk frame you can add your own table top to is also available. Prime Cables also has other mounts and sit-stand options that can be used to essentially design your own work station. Contrary to the IKEA design model, we actually encourage your creativity in building your own self-sufficient ergonomic workstation.


Buying a sit standing desk from Prime Cables gives you a product that is safe, tested and certified, and with a 365 day warranty ensuring full satisfaction with your product choice. Get a dependable product that you will cherish in the months and years to come.

PrimeCables offers you a large selection of sit stand desks, anti-fatigue mats, adjustable arms, and more. Please feel free to browse our selection and enjoy working in a healthier, more comfortable way.

Why an Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Makes a Huge Difference


Building the perfect ergonomic office setup, we tend to overlook the smaller purchases. That said, an anti-fatigue standing mat can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being able to last through a full work day.

Anti-fatigue mats can make a huge difference with significant health benefits on the health of workers who are required to sit or stand for a long time. All that you need to know about anti-fatigue standing mats can be found in a 2012 study comparing the effects of standing on a concrete floor compared to standing on anti-fatigue mats. Aspects of pain, discomfort, and tiredness were measured using thermal imaging, body temperature sensors, and infrared photographs.

anti fatique standing mat.jpg

This research found that a high amount of discomfort was caused in the feet, legs, and backs of those standing on the unprotected floor. The researchers also found that stiffness in the neck and shoulders became present after an extended period of time of doing the same work. To some workers who are required to stand for longer than ninety minutes per day, this type of unprotected standing can even lead to circulatory problems that are reversible in some.


Anti-fatigue mats are meant to address this type of pressure on the legs and feet. If you are standing for long periods of time in the same place, such as on a production line or in an office, having an anti-fatigue mat addresses any health concerns that might exist.


In the past, many workers have sought to address the discomfort they feel in their bodies after standing by wearing a higher quality shoe. Though this addresses some of the fatigue, it only does so much. An anti-fatigue mat goes a step further. An anti-fatigue map encourages one to keep their lower extremities active by changing their standing position regularly, provides protection on hard and unyielding floors, and also helps to reduce standing fatigue which hits everyone irrelevant of their fitness level.


There are many uses for Prime Cables’ Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat, which is perfect for use in an office environment, working upright in a warehouse, or even cooking at home. The mat’s soft foam layers adapts to the contours of your feet, is non-slip, and has a beveled edge to prevent tripping while stepping on and off.

By adding an anti-fatigue standing mat to your daily living, you can reduce fatigue by as much as 50 percent. Finally, there is an affordable way to ease and/or alleviate foot discomfort with adaptable insulating and shock-absorbing materials beneath your feet!

Top 4 Advantages of Buying an Ergonomic Foot Rest



Buying an ergonomic sit-stand desk, for many people, gets them started on their journey towards a more active lifestyle. Learning how to treat your back, shoulders, and neck right in an office environment oftentimes leaves the legs and feet forgotten about.


It’s important that your feet and legs are being properly supported. The next step towards having a more ergonomic, physically engaging environment is to have a height-adjustable ergonomic free-standing foot rest platform to add. Here are some advantages to buying an ergonomic foot rest and why it’s something that you might want to consider.


Advantage #1 – For Shorter People, a Footrest is a Great Addition

Smaller people can benefit from a footrest, to get the full extent of benefits from ergonomic seating. To get the maximum benefit from an ergonomic chair, you need your feet flat on the floor. If you’re on the shorter side height-wise, this can be tough. An adjustable foot rest lets a shorter person keep their feet flat, ensuring their weight is properly distributed and that your body is comfortable.

Advantage #2 – A Foot Rest reduces Pressure on your Legs

Reducing pressure on your legs helps to prevent blood clots related to the deep vein thrombosis, relieves pressure on the lower back, and decreases swelling and varicose veins. If you are prone to any discomfort sitting or circulation problems when seated for an extended period, choosing a foot rest helps to cure those issues.

Advantage #3 – It Encourages Active Sitting

A foot rest tends to encourage movement below the waist, helping to keep those legs engaged. Many users tend to sit and rock themselves using a foot rest to keep blood flowing and the body moving. In terms of standing at a sit-stand desk, a foot rest also provides you an opportunity to work one leg at a time while resting the other on the platform.


Advantage #4 – It Comes Height-Adjustable

The fact that you can change its height means that you can match it the way you like it with your sit-stand desk and ergonomic chair setup. While you’re still getting used to your ergonomic office setup, a footrest can help. On average, a footrest allows a person to stand up to 30 percent longer, maximizing the health benefits of standing while working.

Choosing a foot rest that is comfortable, heavy duty, and height-adjustable is key to getting the most out of your purchase. Design it specifically for your feet’s comfort. Prime Cables’ ergonomic free-standing foot rest platform comes equipped with six height settings, a padded surface to prevent slipping, all-steel construction, and a soft-grip handle making it easy to carry. Please feel encouraged to browse our other ergonomic office accessories and consider equipping your workspace with more equipment meant to maximize your