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Set up your ergonomic work station on the cheap!

Build your own ergonomic setup at home or work with PrimeCables! If you’ve ever wanted an ergonomic work station, has the solution for you. Spend less time breaking your back, and spend more time supporting your posture with some of the most innovative products on the market. Our top-of-the-line Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Desk Frame is on sale for $30 off,…

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How to Save Space using an Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Monitor desk mounts are purchased for many different reasons. The ability to lift your monitor above your desk’s surface and provide more space to work with comes with a number of advantages. Reducing clutter and seeing stronger concentration is also never a bad thing. How to save space using an ergonomic monitor arm involves considering price v. quality on some…

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How to Ergonomically Optimize your Workspace

Ergonomics is essentially the commitment to creating an environment that is most favorable to proper body positioning and eye contact. By making adjustments to your workspace, you can help reduce stress on the body and keep yourself more engaged in your work for a longer period of time. How to ergonomically optimize your workspace begins by knowing what you need…

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What other Ergonomic Tools does Prime Cables Have – Check it out!

Anyone who is interested in building the most ergonomic office setup inevitably finds their way into the marketplace for additional accessories.   The two big items to any ergonomic work stations is buying the right ergonomic chair for your needs and matching it with an ergonomically designed desk. Beyond these two major purchases, there are smaller accessories you can add…

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How Are our Sit Desks Different from the IKEA Standing Desk

If you have recently looked into buying an IKEA standing desk, you’ve probably come across two conclusions. Firstly, they don’t appear to be built all too well, having a limited design. Also, the price can get pretty high up to $619 and beyond. Of course, this is just merely an idea based on user experience perspective.   As a Canadian-made…

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Why an Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Makes a Huge Difference

Building the perfect ergonomic office setup, we tend to overlook the smaller purchases. That said, an anti-fatigue standing mat can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being able to last through a full work day. Anti-fatigue mats can make a huge difference with significant health benefits on the health of workers who are required to…

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Top 4 Advantages of Buying an Ergonomic Foot Rest

  Buying an ergonomic sit-stand desk, for many people, gets them started on their journey towards a more active lifestyle. Learning how to treat your back, shoulders, and neck right in an office environment oftentimes leaves the legs and feet forgotten about.   It’s important that your feet and legs are being properly supported. The next step towards having a…

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