Is a Sit-Stand Desk the Right Solution for Daylong Desk Work?

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A growing number of Canadians are working at desks and in office environments than ever before. The IT industry is growing and many people are finding themselves stationed in front of a computer for eight hours a day and even longer. Combine this with the amount of students and those working from home, and you’re beginning to see how there is a huge number of people essentially stuck in a seated, sedentary position with nothing physically to engage their bodies.


More Canadians are being turned on to sit-stand desks to help with the uncomfortability and health risks of being in a seated position.


For those that have never seen these models, the basic idea behind sit-stand desks is that a person will be able to change their posture frequently throughout the course of a work day.


Contrary to how they are promoted by many sources, no one is saying you are supposed to stand all day long at a desk. Though some do use them in that manner, sit-stand desk solutions are made to be adjustable so that part of the time you stand and at other times, you sit. It’s all in how your body feels and how you want to approach being at a desk


So assuming you’ve decided or are entertaining the idea of buying a sit-stand desk in Canada, know that finding a sit-stand desk that allows for easy adjustment from sitting to standing is key.


Beyond this, it’s all a matter of what you want to use your sit-stand desk for. There are some sit-stand desk models that come with just the frame, allowing you to customize your tabletop. There are others that are more basic, providing you with a small desk for a laptop and maybe some additional accessories. Then, there are more premium models that mimic Canada’s top regular desk brands but simply in a sit-stand desk form. It’s all in what you need your desk to be, what it is being used for, and where it is going to be set up.


By going with a sit-stand desk, many people have reported actually losing weight and increasing their quality of health gradually over time.


Though it might be difficult to make some concrete claims about how wide ranging the health benefits are, engaging your body in a standing position is indisputably far healthier than remaining seated for eight hours a day. Take a chance and see how you like it. Remember, there is no pressure to remain standing for the entire day. As a matter of fact, we recommend switching it up regularly and taking it slow at first.


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