Black Friday’s Upcoming Red Flag Deals from PrimeCables

Black Friday is almost here and Prime Cables has launched several red flag deals to celebrate! Specializing in the sale of cables, adapters, mounts and sit stands, tools and appliance, home theater systems, and network solutions, PrimeCables red flag deals are available to browse here.

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For our upcoming red flag deals, we highly recommend getting all the items and accessories you need to get yourself set up in the post-Black Friday world. Browse thorough. No matter if it’s HDMI cables on up to 70 percent off, USB Type-C cables on discount, Ethernet cables, monitor desk mounts, or TV wall mounts, receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.

Enjoy Prime Cables’ own HDMI Cables Festival here and enjoy the deep cuts we’ve made on our most premiere items. Every week leading up to Black Friday, Prime Cables also has scheduled exclusive deals every week on select items so be sure to mark down your favourites!

Delving into our selection of audiophile and instrument accessories, there are savings as high as 70 percent to enjoy. If you’ve been searching for audio accessories at the lowest possible price, browse here to see Prime Cables’ audio selection of marked-down items.

Prime Cables has always sought to bring the best deals in Canada to its customers and its upcoming red flag deals are no exception. Please feel encouraged to visit back regularly throughout the coming weeks to pick up on the latest deals. As a Canadian company, we have been serving Canadians since 2007. With shipping locations in both Vancouver and Montreal, we are committed to ensuring every order is shipped safely and quickly.

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Black Friday 2017 is fastly approaching. November 24TH is the big day. The best Black Friday sales and deals in Canada can only be found at Prime Cables. Be on the lookout in the weeks to come for more information on what is on sale, when it’s on sale, and how to nab it. Forego the retail shopping experience, and save yourself time and stress with us.

A lot of the time, consumers will come to us seeking accessories and items complimentary to bigger items, such as TV wall mounts, sit standing desks, and cables. Buying through Prime Cables has saved Canadians hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

That’s why, this Black Friday, check in with Prime Cables first before you go anywhere. Take advantage of the biggest red flag deals and reap the rewards!

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