Get up to 80 Percent Off on Cables and Adapters on Clearance


Meet the ultimate summer clearance sale in cables and adapters in all of Canada. Happening now through the end of the month, we are slashing prices to help clear out our seasonal inventory from the hot summer months. Take advantage of our end of summer clearance, as some prices have dropped as far as 80 percent off at Prime Cables!

Find dozens of items to choose from and save yourself a lot of money on these Canadian-made discounts. Check out our full inventory of summer clearance cable items here. This only happens once a year. Don’t miss out. Also, even on clearance, if you purchase a cable or adapter and it doesn’t do what you need it to do, please send it back. Don’t think twice about it. We will make the effort to fix it and if we can’t, we will send a brand new one. Every product comes with a 365 day warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed!

We pride ourselves on having some of the fastest shipping in the Canadian marketplace in the sale of cables and adapters. From two shipping locations in Montreal and Vancouver, we serve the entire country. Among the items on summer clearance are RCA cables, speaker plugs, VGA cables, HDMI cables, splitters, adapters of all varieties, and more.

Prime Cables is a Canadian based company, selling to Canadians since 2007. We have competed with corporate brands for over a decade, offering affordable pricing and higher quality products than some of the bigger players in the industry. When you are searching for a cable that is built to last, buy from Prime Cables. If you are looking for an adapter that will provide you with the highest quality signal possible, browse through our selection to find the right product that appeals to you.

Make no mistake about it. This clearance event will not come twice. It happens once a year and within a month, it’ll be long gone. If you need a cable or adapter, buy from a quality Canadian business and put yourself into trusted hands. See reduced prices for this month only. Find a variety of unique products you won’t find anywhere else, at the best prices.

Save yourself time and money by browsing through our end of summer event. Items are expected to go fast so please do put in your purchase as early as you can. Buy from the convenience of your own home. Get these deals while they last!

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