How Are our Sit Desks Different from the IKEA Standing Desk

d7ead-PrimeCables-Cab-MT101-All-Monitor-Desk-Mounts-Height-Adjustable-Standing-Desk-Riser-M-Size-ADR-26-wide-Black-PrimeCables-.jpgIf you have recently looked into buying an IKEA standing desk, you’ve probably come across two conclusions. Firstly, they don’t appear to be built all too well, having a limited design. Also, the price can get pretty high up to $619 and beyond. Of course, this is just merely an idea based on user experience perspective.


As a Canadian-made brand and having served Canadians in this space the past few years, we at PrimeCables don’t really see that as acceptable. We know you may want to consider different sit standing desks than the IKEA standing desk. So consider taking a glimpse through our sit stand selection. Here are some the ways in which our products are different from the IKEA standing desks.


The first thing you will notice amongst our selection is the sheer number of sit standing desks available. Yes, quantity does not make quality but it does help. Please browse through the different models. Each has different features to consider. Finding the model that most appeals to your needs should not be difficult with such a large selection.

sit standing desk canada

The next thing you might notice are the discount prices on sit standing desks compared to IKEA. Prime Cables has sit standing desks beginning at $189.99 and more premium models also available at reasonable cost.


When it comes to design, we do believe that we have superior sit standing desk products than IKEA. For example, even our lowest priced model at $189.99 comes with accommodations for a computer monitor, laptop, tablet, and keyboard and mouse. The model we are discussing also comes with twelve height adjustable options. If you are searching for something smaller and perhaps more in line with the IKEA standing desk design, a dual motor desk frame you can add your own table top to is also available. Prime Cables also has other mounts and sit-stand options that can be used to essentially design your own work station. Contrary to the IKEA design model, we actually encourage your creativity in building your own self-sufficient ergonomic workstation.


Buying a sit standing desk from Prime Cables gives you a product that is safe, tested and certified, and with a 365 day warranty ensuring full satisfaction with your product choice. Get a dependable product that you will cherish in the months and years to come.

PrimeCables offers you a large selection of sit stand desks, anti-fatigue mats, adjustable arms, and more. Please feel free to browse our selection and enjoy working in a healthier, more comfortable way.

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