How to Choose your TV Antenna


There’s a wide range of different TV antennas to choose from, each designed to amplify digital signals and with varying reception distances. Above other reasons, it ultimately comes down to your preferences and priorities as they pertain to what you need a TV antenna to do.


This amplified digital indoor TV antenna comes with a reception distance of 100 kilometres, is priced at $39.99, and comes with a range of features. Though somewhat basic, receive minimal interference, external high gain and low noise amplifier, and a strong reception on digital, freeview, and analog TV signals.


This electronic master remote controlled HD TV antenna is a little higher end. Priced at $59.99, this TV antenna is built for 360 degree rotation for full reception. The infrared remote control complements long distance reception and anti-interference, and two direct configurations keeps the reception strong and the image clear.


This right here is the Digiwave triple-boom UHF outdoor TV antenna which works well up to 75 miles and more. Among the product highlights, receive a release time to only one second, a fast and tool-free installation, and it is priced only for $42.55.


Another option is the Digiwave ANT4700 high digital TV antenna which can be found here for only $68.99. The Digiwave ANT4700 TV antenna can receive HDTV, SDTV, RCA’s DDTV, and analog signals. This model is designed to get you the clearest definition picture possible. Receive high gain, significant signal enhancement, increase the reception of TV programs, eliminate the pause of mosaic images, and it has a multi-directional design pulling in signals from all directions.


These are just some the products offered via Prime Cable to assist in choosing the optimum TV antenna for your home entertainment setup. For more options, we encourage anyone to browse our selection here.


As evidenced here, there are low cost options that can provide a decent selection of signals to browse. It does vary depending on a number of factors. For example, in a basement, you’d be lucky to have a TV antenna pick up much of anything.


If you are confident you can pick up a signal however, we do recommend considering whether you want an indoor or outdoor antenna, as well as identifying how you are going to angle it to receive the best signal.


Now more than ever, consumers are choosing to save money by seeing what TV programs they can nab over-the-air. There are plenty of channels out there to browse. It’s just a matter of finding them. Browse through our TV antenna collection and enjoy the advantages that come with free HDTV.

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