The Lowest Price in Canada for a Height Adjustable Table is Here!

Canada best price sit standing desk

Browsing height adjustable tables in Canada shows how expensive some of these brands are. For the first time, Prime Cables has brought to market an affordable height adjustable table at the lowest possible price for Canadian consumers to enjoy.


Available for only $189.99, the Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser  raises and lowers to twelve available positions, optimizing your work experience for ergonomic comfort. We defy anyone to find a similar model elsewhere in Canada for a similar price. This height adjustable table comes with many unique features that you are sure to enjoy. The support grooves on the surface are easy to use for smartphones and tablets. As evidenced, there’s enough space on its table top to support a monitor, a laptop, and a tablet, and other items as needed.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing a height adjustable desk. The dangers of prolonged sitting have been well studies and continue to be shared in the press. By modifying from a sitting to standing position regularly, a desk worker can engage their leg muscles and entire bodies in the same way that their minds are engaged in work. Through the prolonged use of a height adjustable table, one can improve their health and more importantly, ward off the increased risks that come with being in a sitting position for the majority of one’s day. Though height adjustable tables can be expensive, Prime Cables has done its best to secure the lowest pricing possible for Canadians. Please feel free to browse our collection of ergonomic height adjustable sit standing desks here.

If you are looking for the lowest price in Canada for a height adjustable table, this is your opportunity. The market price for this ergonomic sit standing height adjustable desk is $284.59, saving you a pretty significant chunk of change off its value. Unlike other models, you get a wide surface, an advanced design to protect against any sort of clamping injury, and two knobs on the side to easily adjust the height as you need to. In addition, with every purchase of this desk, receive a 1-year warranty. If anything goes wrong or if it breaks down, just let us know. We would be happy to attempt to fix it and if we can’t, we will ensure a new one is provided to you. Also, for a limited time, buy today and receive free shipping!

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