What other Ergonomic Tools does Prime Cables Have – Check it out!


Anyone who is interested in building the most ergonomic office setup inevitably finds their way into the marketplace for additional accessories.


The two big items to any ergonomic work stations is buying the right ergonomic chair for your needs and matching it with an ergonomically designed desk. Beyond these two major purchases, there are smaller accessories you can add on to help maximize the ergonomic potential of your arrangement. Browsing through Prime Cables’ ergonomics accessories here reveals several possibilities of products that can add to your ergonomic work experience.


Many consumers seek out anti-fatigue standing mats to add to their work setup, especially those who have sit standing desks. An anti-fatigue standing mat such as this is non-slip and has a soft foam layer that comfortably wraps around the contours of your foot. No matter if it’s standing in a kitchen environment as a chef or doing food prep, being in a warehouse on a production line, or standing up at a sit standing desk, an anti-fatigue mat like this can relieve fatigue by as much as 50 percent over the course of the day.


If the majority of your day is being spent sitting down, a height adjustable foot rest like this might work for you. The graphite and textured surface is meant to stimulate tired feet. It’s not quite a massage but it does come close on some days, we admit.


If a foot rest seems like it is encouraging prolonged sitting, an ergonomic foot rocker might be more your style. Designed for home office applications, ergonomic foot rockers like this have settings for both more exaggerated rocking motions and more restricted rocking. This item’s anti-slip design for stability and 1-year warranty is attractive to consumers looking for ergonomic accessories.


If the budget is a little higher, we recommend a climate control foot rest which stimulates heat and cold as you need. This is among our most premium ergonomic accessories on sale. The climate control footrest has two height settings, three tilt angles, and radiates temperatures on low and high settings. The fan built into it means you can easily adjust workspace airflow. The surface massage bumps are also nice on the bottoms of the feet. For only $84.99, it’s a steal!


Ergonomic tools including those mentioned in this article can make the world of difference. Prime Cables’ ergonomic tools and accessories are constantly being added to with each passing quarter. Please feel encouraged to browse our selection and remember, any orders over $49 in Canada come with free shipping!

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