Where to Buy the Best Sit Standing Desk in Canada


Buying a sit standing desk in Canada is sometimes difficult when many stores only carrying limited models. The corporate and retail markets are coming slowly to the sit-standing desk but they are not quite there yet. Ideally, when choosing where to buy the best sit standing desk in Canada, you want to find the desk that is right for your needs. A part of knowing what is right for you is by browsing. By browsing through the models available here, you can gain insight into the type of features that you might want to consider in your sit standing desk.

Price valid until the end of Oct 2017
Price valid until the end of Oct 2017

Among the best-selling sit standing desks in Canada is the Sit Standing Height Adjustable Desk Ergo Riser ADR 26″ & 35″. A part of the reason for this ergonomic desk’s success is in how easy it is to raise and lower to various positions, according to where you need comfort most. Available for only $189.99, this item comes with free shipping and twelve height adjustment options. The adjustable range is significant and in terms of price, it is a mid-range price on a premium product that is a must-consider for someone seeking a sit-standing desk to support a computer monitor, desktop, laptop, keyboard, or tablet.

PrimeCables is a Canadian brand that has been serving Canadians from coast to coast with premium products since 2007. Prime Cables has always done its best to be the best company we can be and to provide Canadians with a trusted name in the marketplace. That’s why any time you buy from Prime Cables, there’s a free return upon receipt included. So, if you try out your desk and it doesn’t work for you, just send it back and we will refund you the full purchase price. With two shipping locations in Montreal and Vancouver, no matter where you live in Canada, your sit standing desk will come to you fast.


There are many advantages to buying a sit standing desk in Canada and we continue to do our best to educate the marketplace on the dangers of prolonged sitting. A sit standing desk allows a user to move freely, keeping their legs activated throughout the work day while simultaneously allowing them to adjust to a sitting position whenever they feel the need.


This sit standing desk is height adjustable, easily converting from sitting to standing and back down again. Please feel free to browse our selection and enjoy working in a more healthy, comfortable way.

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  1. Yes Sit stand desk with high quality is rarely available in Canada. Market leader in this modern furniture industry are Primeables, Wayfair and United Canada Inc.

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