Why Buying a Surge Protector Power Adapter is a Must for Any Home

Best surge protector in Canada
Best surge protector in Canada

Surge protector power strips are very important in protecting your electronics and tech from a random power spike. Such as in the event of an electricity outage, a random power spike can damage your gear but having a surge protector of some kind protects against any such thing.

With a surge protector and power strip combination such as this, you’re not only getting a strong level of protection but it’s also providing you with multiple plug outlets to use. Any home should have surge protectors going when it comes to home entertainment systems and any other expensive electronics that they want to ensure are not damaged.

There are many things that make a good surge protector. Available for $14.99, this surge protector comes equipped with ten outlets, a power switch with integrated circuit breaker, a built-in wall mounting feature, two meters of cord to back you up, and is 450J surge protected. Having an item like this on hand is an inexpensive way to guard against electricity-related damage. Better yet, for only $24.99, you can pick up two from Prime Cables.

The average power strip is cheap, multi-outlet and the advantages more or less stop there. A surge protector goes beyond expanding your wall outlet and incorporates the level of protection you’d expect from such an item. Value is key. With this surge protector, you also get a full 1-year warranty ensuring that if anything happens, you just let us know and we can make arrangements on our end to repair it or provide you with a new one. Also, if you pair up your order today with other items in the Prime Cables catalogue, any order above $49 is given free shipping to anywhere in Canada!

Though we are confident you will never need to use the warranty on our surge protector power strip, it does provide peace of mind. Ten outlets on a single power strip might seem like a lot but honestly, most of us will eventually end up needing more outlets even if we don’t think so at the moment. Buying two ten outlet power strips with surge protection on them means that they can be purposed where you need them in the home and you won’t need to worry about ever needing another one.

In this day and age, there’s no reason not to have surge protection on any power strip you have. Go with a company that you trust. Please feel encouraged to browse the Prime Cables catalogue or to seek more information on one of our recommended surge protectors here.

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