Are you Ready for the Black Friday Party – Check out our Portable Bluetooth Speaker!

Portable Bluetooth speakers are very popular Christmas gifts. Every holiday season, sales on portable Bluetooth speakers have continued to increase. This Black Friday, Prime Cables has reduced prices on our portable Bluetooth speaker selection, providing consumers with some of the lowest prices in Canada.


Exclusive Black Friday Deals

Among the items in our exclusive catalogue is a deep blue waterproof Bluetooth speaker for $24.99, a portable mini-home theater system Bluetooth sound bar speaker for $39.99, a deep blue FunGuy waterproof Bluetooth speaker for $13.99, a party speaker for $239.99, an LMU vibration speaker that changes to blue light when playing music for $19.99, and a Melody large Bluetooth portable speaker for $75.99. When it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, our selection is pretty extensive. Whether it’s for your own personal use or as a Christmas gift for someone else, you can go with something smaller and less expensive or go big.


Advantages of a Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Portable Bluetooth speakers connect wirelessly to your phone, tablet, or laptop among other devices. This gives you the chance to stream music, podcasts, TV, movies, etc. Anything you want. Even if you already have a home speaker system, after a few weeks of use, we can almost guarantee that you will be pleasantly impressed with your new tech gadget.


Many people enjoy listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts while they cook. Better yet, you don’t need to burn anything to disc or connect it via wire. For situations like these, yes you could use your headphones but that doesn’t work so well when you’re trying to cook. Just set your Bluetooth speaker up on the counter, hook up your smartphone and stream what you need.


The portability of the speaker also means that it is easy to transport around the house. Take it to your living room, your kitchen, your garage, outside in the backyard or on the patio, or wherever you need it to.


The Perfect Opportunity to Buy


Why not listen out in the open and not be tied down by headphone wires – that’s what portable Bluetooth speakers are about. They make things easy. This Black Friday, prices will be lower than at any other time. Decide what suits your lifestyle best and pursue it.


All Black Friday week, Prime Cables has numerous deals planned. Catch them now before they’re gone, and give yourself ample time to build your Black Friday catalogue of home entertainment and speaker accessories.

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