Black Friday Deal Guide for Gamers – Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount


Black Friday for gamers has the chance to see savings of hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. It’s a time to not only pick up the screens, consoles, and game setups you want, but it’s also a great opportunity to select some key accessories to make your gaming experience that much bigger.


In your Black Friday deal guide for gamers, it would not be complete without a dual LCD monitor desk mount. This particular option fits two screens up to 27 inches and allows these screens to be suspended in air, giving you a full theatre experience while jumping into some of your favourite games.


Since 2007, Prime Cables has been offering the lowest prices in Canada on gamer accessories. This dual LCD monitor desk mount’s market price is $189.74 but get this – visit Prime Cables anytime between today and Black Friday, and receive the gamer-friendly monitor desk mount for only $49.99! Plus, get fast and free shipping on this item, and a lifetime warranty!

We guarantee you will not find a better price on a dual LCD monitor desk mount like this. Buy today and pair it with other items in our catalogue to make the most out of our Black Friday deals. With this particular monitor desk mount, you get the added benefit of 360 degree rotation on a 180 degree swivel and a 45 degree tilt angle. Modify it according to your viewing perspective. Engage with friends and family in game play, and reap the benefits of having an optimized monitor setup such as this. This product also comes with cable clips to help keep cables organized and protected throughout use.


Black Friday is oftentimes a day we associate with bigger items. Though we don’t think about mounts, they do come in handy come setup-time. The money you save with Prime Cables you can re-dedicate towards other purchases.

dual LCD monitor

Visit Prime Cables this Black Friday for all the big deals on gamer accessories. This dual LCD monitor desk mount is just the beginning. Be sure to browse our other accessories to find other items to add to your station. Keep your desk surface clean while subsequently maintaining an ergonomic work position that allows you to focus on what’s important – the game.


Black Friday deals with Prime Cables offer the lowest prices in Canada on select gamer accessory items. Extend, tilt, and swivel to your heart’s content, and do it all at a bargain. Visit back on Black Friday and change the way you game.

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