How to Choose a Stereo Amplifier like a Champ on Black Friday

702e8-PrimeCables-Cab-AMP200BT-Speakers-Subwoofer-PrimeCables-200W-Class-D-Bluetooth-aptX-Amplifier-.jpgStereo amplifiers are a great way to improve the quality of sound and to enhance volume in big ways. Choosing the right stereo amplifier this Black Friday can be tough with many brands marked down and a wide range of factors influencing what the right stereo amplifier is for you.


If you’re looking for a low budget amplifier, you may find what you’re looking for at Prime Cables. Cost is not the only thing though so browse this quick list of things to look out for to get a better grasp on what works for your setup.

Match Amps to Speakers

Choosing a stereo amplifier first involves knowing how you want your amps to match the speaker. An amp’s power output is measured in watts. Find an amplifier with a watts per channel rating that is equal or higher than your speakers. Buying a low rating may cause permanent speaker damage when used therefore be on the lookout for higher ratings.


Know your Listening Habits


How you intend to listen plays a role when selecting stereo amplifiers. Amp models of all varieties are either based on transistor or valve technology. If you intend to play your music loud, transistor-based amplifiers are best. If you are playing sounds that will be more nuanced such as acoustic music, valve-based amplifiers are the way to go.


Whether you Need a Subwoofer


Black Friday audio deals are going to be filled with different subwoofer options to choose from. If you are curious about whether to use a subwoofer, it does enhance the sound quality of a stereo system by contributing on the bass end. Upgrading to a subwoofer at any point will require to have an amplifier that supports that connection.


Choosing a stereo amplifier this Black Friday should depend on answering the aforementioned three questions.

For starting out, many Canadian consumers have chosen mini-amplifiers 30-watts dual channel with headphone amp and AUX input options. The tiny nature of the amp means that it’s easy to transport and you still get a great sound from it, loud and proud for any musical performance.


Also, when you’re working in tight spaces and/or on a desktop, having a stereo amplifier like this has many benefits. Add to that the built-in headphone amplifier to give a user the chance to play privately and the Class D efficiency rating, and you have an unbeatable amp. For your Black Friday stereo amplifier query, go with Prime Cables.

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