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Get a Retro HiFi Speaker Amplifier for Cheap during Boxing Day

A speaker amplifier for cheap is not always an easy find on Boxing Day deal. For PrimeCables’ Boxing Day sale, we have some beautiful retro amplifiers and high quality sound modelling units on discount for a limited time only.   The favourite retro speaker amplifier in the PrimeCables catalogue on sale for Boxing Day is an exquisite 25-watt tube amplifier…

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Our PrimeCables Home Theater Month is Coming Soon – get Class D Amplifier at Low Cost!

Home theater accessories, sound systems, speakers, amplifiers, and powerhouses of sound are difficult to find. For too many Canadians, searching out a good 200W amplifier with RCA stereo input and Bluetooth capabilities comes at a price tag of $200 or more. As a growing home theater eCommerce brand in Canada, PrimeCables took it upon itself to find a premiere Class…

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Get a 200W Class D Bluetooth aptX Speaker Amplifier under $150

This 200W Class D Amplifier, complete with Bluetooth aptX coding for better sound quality, is available at now for just $139.99. With a black, solid, aluminum body, this 200W amp features a compact design that fits every type of set up, home office or home theatre, blending into any style of furnishings. Connectivity with RCA stereo input and Bluetooth,…

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Make your room ROAR with our Tube Amp from

Our tube amp, a 25W stereo hybrid Hi-Fi speaker amplifier with Bluetooth, is one of those home theatre accessories you cannot live without. Until June 5th, you can score this essential piece of hardware for $30 lower than usual, at just $119.99, with free shipping anywhere in Canada, as apart of our home theatre month deals. This 25W stereo hybrid…

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Speaker Wire in Canada

Various gauges, lengths, and types of speaker wire make it not so clear on what the right speaker wire is for your home entertainment setup. As most speakers do not come with their own wire, it leaves the door open for the consumer to customize their own audio setup. For cheap high quality speaker wire in Canada, there’s only one…

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Meet the Perfect Mini-Amplifier and Speaker Stand for your Home Theater Setup

Mini-amplifiers and speaker stands are not the flashiest of purchases, we admit, but when developing a home theater setup, they can add quite a bit. To find the best mini-amplifier and/or speaker stands for your home theater system, it can be a challenge. After all, expenses add up quickly and no one wants to be blowing hundreds of dollars just…

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Build up your Home Music Studio on a Budget by Choosing Prime Cables’ Instrument Accessories

Building a home music studio on a budget, even with the most luck a builder could have, is still going to be a hefty cost. Just think of everything you need to get a recording studio up and going. That said, having a small recording studio professionally done up can be a big asset for any musician or individual who…

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Get a Bookshelf Speaker Mini-Amplifier Combo before Boxing Day 2017

Two bookshelf speakers and a mini-amplifier are usually pretty expensive to buy separately. For any Canadian, they may run you up a few hundred dollars at least trying to find the right pair.   Even with Boxing Day sales, two bookshelf speakers and a mini-amplifier that are high quality still add up to a pretty hefty chunk of change.  …

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Best Christmas Deals 2017, as Selected by the Prime Cables Editor Team

  For some of the best Christmas deals in 2017 anywhere in Canada, here’s what the Prime Cables editor team has found!   The PrimeCables® Mini Amplifier 30-Watt Dual Channel Home Digital Audio is available for only $43.99. This small piece of tech can be easily installed into any space, including a desktop. It has been rated high for exceptional…

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