Smart Outlet Orvibo has Arrived in Full Stock at Prime Cables

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the smart outlet Orvibo has arrived in full stock. At Prime Cables, we are offering the Orvibo® Smart Wifi Power Outlet S25 to consumers are a discount price of only $19.99 for the 1-pack and $36.99 for the 2-pack.


This impressive smart home accessory is designed to turn on/off electronics remotely, and has additional schedule and timing functions. As seen on Prime Cables’ website, the smart outlet Orvibo supports any WiFi network, automatically configures with easy to access settings for the consumer, has status tracking capability and can provide home appliances status timely feedback, can time up to 10 tasks at a time, and can be combined with others to support up to 50 WiFi smart sockets from a single smartphone. Easy installation, easy handling – buy and activate it right then and there!


There are many different brand names of smart outlets out there on the Canadian market but unfortunately they tend to range pretty high in price. As a Canadian-made company, we know the importance of providing consumers with a low, fair price. That’s why we believe the Orvibo® Smart Wifi Power Outlet S25 at this price to be the lowest you will find anywhere in the country. Even better, Prime Cables offers free shipping on any orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada. Though we know even a 2-pack won’t reach the $49 threshold, combine it with one or two other items in our catalogue and you can make the most out of the money you would normally pay for shipping.


Smart plugs have been growing in popularity in the last few years. Though they are relatively new to Canada, consumers in big numbers have expressed interest in getting some. For an inexperienced techie or someone who is only experimenting with the idea of a smart home, this accessory is a reasonable starting point. The Orvibo® Smart Wifi Power Outlet S25 has received praised as one of the higher quality products on the lower end of smart plugs.


The ideal in purchasing any smart outlet is to find one that provides flexibility, affordability, and that does not inconvenience the household with an obtrusive design. On each of these points, the Orvibo smart outlet receives an A+. Be sure to check it out online, read through its many features, and watch it transform your home.


Prime Cables has been an established Canadian brand since 2007, and we are proud to be able to offer the smart outlet Orvibo to consumers across all provinces and territories.

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