This Cyber Monday Sale, buy a Computer Monitor Mount

Cyber Monday 2017
Cyber Monday 2017

Those of us that use a computer monitor on a regular basis may not think about the many advantages that come with mounting it on an arm.


The truth is though that there are some big benefits that you can see from a computer monitor mount. Please feel encouraged to browse Prime Cables’ selection for options on what would make the perfect choice for your desk setup.


Stop straining your Neck and Eyes


You may not realize it but having a monitor in a fixed position on a desktop inevitably creates strain on both the neck and eyes. Being able to mount a monitor where you please, adjust height, depth, and comfort according to your preferences. When setting up your monitor, you should not have to look up or down to see your screen. It should sit naturally in front of you, with your neck relaxed and eye strain minimized.


Versatility to set up as You Please


Multiple monitors can be far easier to set up with mounts. Also, you gain the freedom to adjust monitors in a configuration that optimizes your available space. Customize your workstation and style of getting things done.


Clear up Desk Clutter


Though new monitors take up far less space than the old cathode ray tube screens did, they still take up valuable real estate on your desk. A monitor mount gets a monitor off the top of your desk, allowing you to maximize the available space.


Also, if you’ve ever accidentally spilled a cup of coffee and have blamed it on the clutter, you know how frustrating this can be. Reduce the likelihood of a repeat and save big this Cyber Monday by making a computer monitor mount purchase.


Mix it up with a Height Adjustable Desk


Those of us with ergonomic sit-standing desks need to have a mount of some kind to optimize viewing depending on the times when you are standing and sitting. Adjust your monitor as you move and make last-minute tweaks as you get accustomed to using it.


Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity to get some fun new items to add to your desktop workstation. If you’ve never used a monitor mount before, they do tend to add a lot of value no matter what you are using your computer for. Everyone from YouTubers to graphic designers, artists, music producers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners of all kinds capitalize from the increased productivity that comes from a monitor mount.


This Cyber Monday, browse Prime Cables’ exclusive monitor mount selection for more information.

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