Upgrade your Speaker System during Black Friday 2017


Black Friday 2017 deals have arrived and get ready to have fun upgrading some of your everyday household items at a fraction of the cost. It always feels great to get a good deal.

This Black Friday, Prime Cables has lowered its pricing to some of the lowest price points in Canada on select items in its speaker system and home entertainment catalogue. Be sure to browse thoroughly, shop proudly, and enjoy the exclusive discounts offered.


Tech is Always Changing


Technology is constantly upgrading to the next wave of quality. Though your speaker system might be as new as having been installed five years ago or more, there may be changes you can make to upgrade. Whether it’s replacing key components such as speakers and/or subwoofers, or picking up a little bit of extra cable or wire, it never hurts to take a look. Find out what cable your speaker system or home entertainment setup needs and do a quick search.


Areas of your Speaker System that may need an Upgrade


Speakers and subwoofers done right provide the kind of enhanced sound you want from a home speaker system setup. For Canadians not getting what they want out of their viewing or listening experience, giving thought to replacing the speakers is a fair place to start.


There’s also the possibility of using portable or Bluetooth speakers for the times when you need something mobile or, let’s face it, when you just need to impress.


Prime Cables is also well-known for speaker wires, coming in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colors. For audio and high definition video devices that use speaker wire, find some deep discounts on these this Black Friday.


There’s also optical Toslink audio cables, speaker volume controls, digital coaxial audio cables, HDMI cables, banana plugs, and a range of network tools and testers.


A Simple Way to Enjoy Black Friday


Get your hands on some accessories and items that you can put to use on a daily basis. Upgrading your speaker system is a great way to add value and comfort to your home.


Though corporate retailers may advertise differently, online shopping in Canada for speaker systems is the way to go.


Last year, we had hundreds of Canadians save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on exclusive Black Friday items. That puts money back into your pocket while still nabbing you the items on your shopping list that you need.


There’s too many items in the Prime Cables catalogue to share here but upgrading your speaker system comes as a strong recommendation to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

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