We Have Already Broken Records on Sit-Stand Desk Sales and more on Cyber Monday!

For retail and ecommerce in Canada, Cyber Monday is the time to break records. So far this year, Prime Cables has already broken records on sit-stand desk sales and we are looking forward to more this Cyber Monday.


Exclusive promotions for a limited time are cutting deep into existing price points on sit-stand desks. Impressive Cyber Monday deals include cuts on items such as the sit standing height adjustable desk ergonomic riser for monitors between 26” and 35” wide.


This sit-standing desk has been a major focal point of our Cyber Monday promotions this season. Raise and lower it to different heights for maximum comfort and turn your office space into ergonomic central. No longer does prolonged sitting need to dominate your day to day.


For Cyber Monday only, sit-stand desk models begin at $189.99 with free shipping to anywhere in Canada included on any orders above $49. Receive free returns, a one-year guarantee, and 24-hour customer service in case you run into any snaps.


If you’ve never had a sit-stand desk before, there are many benefits to buying. The hype is very real. Think about how long every day you spend sitting down, whether that is at the office, on the couch, or in commuting. By sitting at a desk for an extended period of time, with no standing break, this can result in health problems, obesity, and fatigue. Just think of these statistics:


  • When you sit, the pressure on your lower back increases by up to 90 percent, according to a recent study conducted by Cornell.
  • By sitting down for one hour, the fat burning enzyme lipoprotein lipase sees a decrease by as much as 90 percent!
  • By standing only three hours a day, five days per week, a person burns on average an additional 30,000 calories every year. That’s an extra eight pounds of fat every year just by standing.
  • Sit-stand desks can increase productivity by up to 10 percent, according to a Business Insider study, in addition to increasing energy, improving concentration, and reducing headaches.


There is a lot of evidence supporting the power of sit-stand desks and as a premiere Canadian company in this space, we are proud to play a part in providing consumers with a high quality product at a low, low price.


Take advantage of Prime Cables’ limited time offer or regret not picking up the lowest price in Canada.

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