3 Reasons to Cut the Cord, get rid of your TV, and buy a Projector for your Home Theater Space

home theater projector
home theater projector

The last three decades of home theater systems have all focused on building your space around a TV set. As we move towards a new decade, modern and contemporary design is helping to move home theater systems to more experimental setups, including to using projectors instead of TVs.


The price is affordable and easily connect your devices


There are numerous reasons to consider buying a projector for your home theater space. Firstly, the price point for some projectors are vastly better than those of TVs. Secondly, they are far smaller and more compact, meaning that you can save on space in the home. Thirdly, most projectors come with the capacity to hook up different devices, such as your smartphone or laptop, with a far easier, more accommodating setup than a TV. Beyond all this, you still get the same bright, HD-driven picture quality.


More Canadians are buying projectors today than ever before


As the next generation of Canadians are coming to the age of developing their own home theater setups, projectors are becoming an increasingly popular purchase. As TV consumption habits have changed, with media coming from a wide range of places, projectors have the multi-purpose capability to accommodate all that. The innovative design of a projector also means that whether it’s a large space or a small condo, a projector can be easily configured for optimum quality.


There are no limits on a projector


Due to the nature of a projector not adhering to a screen, you can modify the picture size as you see fit. Create a massive, immersive screen for watching everything from sports to movies. To see the same size TV, you’d have to pay at least $1,000 extra. For a projector, you get to pocket that money without compromising on the viewing experience. With a projector, you’re not losing anything. Watch broadcast TV, Netflix, the internet, and whatever you need!


For these 3 reasons, projectors get our seal of approval!


Projectors are well worth the purchase price, starting as low as $89.99 for a Mini Portable LCD Projector 1500 Lumens, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector, though you are more likely to find them for sale with cheaper models beginning in the $400-$600 range.


About projectors, it always makes sense to ensure you have the right collection of cables to match. Be sure to evaluate what you need to hook up your devices to the projector you choose.


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