Get Pro Tips on Setting up Audio for your Home Theater System

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No epic home theater system is complete without pro audio accessories setup and a high quality speaker system. To get earth-shattering sound, there’s plenty of pro audio speaker systems to choose from however to get the most out of it, you need to know how to set them up.


Professional audio can actually get quite complicated with formats, acronyms, and configurations all leading to a lot of confusion. We’ll try to keep it simple here with these pro tips on setting up audio for your home theater system.


Where to place your speakers


The most important component to getting pro audio in a home theater setup – beyond buying the right speaker set and accessories – is knowing where to place your speakers. The right speaker configuration leads to immersive surround sound while inaccurate placement cuts down on the potential of any speaker set.


The term ‘surround sound’ begins when there are three speakers in the mix – one to the left, one to the right, and one in the middle. The middle holds most of the sound and thereby should be the highest quality speaker.


There’s also the subwoofer which takes care of the low frequency booms and rumbles. For a subwoofer, it can be placed relatively anywhere in the room as long as it is kept a fair distance from the walls.


If you’ve gone all out for a surround sound system, you may also have what are called satellite speakers. For these, you want to place them to the side, immediately behind the main listening space facing towards it. Depending on how many satellite speakers you want or have (typically two or four is the number), you want to configure accordingly.


Audio formats to get the most from your pro audio setup


When it comes to maximizing the potential of your pro audio speakers, Dolby and DTS are the top two digital sound formats. Any Blu-ray compatible audio format is acceptable as Blu-ray can hold more information than other hardware can. If you are streaming from Netflix or YouTube, the sound you receive will typically be somewhere in the middle quality-wise.


Buying a soundbar and keeping things simple


If you’ve not yet made a decision on your pro audio setup, sometimes keeping it easy with a soundbar can be an excellent choice. Save some space by buying a soundbar which uses digital processing to create the illusion of surround sound though your ears won’t know the difference.


No matter what pro audio configuration and speaker system setup appeals to you, there’s merit to each of the selections recommended in this article. Be sure to browse thoroughly and compare different products to see what is right for your home.

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