Global Smart Home Market will grow to $125 Billion by end of 2025

ow to use smart home to improve life
ow to use smart home to improve life

The rise of smart home kits, smart home devices, and smart home accessories has meant the market growing to $48.7 billion as of this past year. By the end of 2025, estimates suggest that the international smart home market will have grown to $125 billion. This is big news for anyone interested in upping the ‘smart-ness’ of their home in the coming year.


There are already a number of kits and devices on the market that can be combined with existing home tech, such as home theater systems, to get the most from your property. Thousands of Canadians have already made purchases through Prime Cables on such smart home accessories, including home automation controller and kits, lighting and appliances, monitoring apps and sensors, security and access, and smart locks and door bells.


The Canadian growth in smart home accessories has been attributed to the rise of energy-efficient home systems, a growing demand for home security systems, and an increased interest in technology. Smart home accessories, similar to home theater systems, are categories of the marketplace where spending is likely to come from consumers’ disposable incomes. As more consumers are focused on integrating tech into their lives, smart home accessories have come to the forefront to help reduce energy, increase security, and foster communication between the home and one’s smartphone.


Beyond smart home appliances, the biggest selling category of the smart home market is lighting controls. As more people wish to have intelligent lighting, which is now possible through the use of advanced sensors, companies such as Prime Cables have benefited from expanded product lines servicing such interest.


There has also been much purchasing happening under entertainment controls. The ability to manage and control home theater systems and home entertainment spaces is a major focal point of many smart homes. Subsequently, there has been a surge of interest in home theater system controls specifically as wireless communication tech continues to hit its stride. Needless to say, by 2025, the world is going to be a very different place. Residential homes are going to see some big changes as they pertain to smart home technologies and home theater systems.


In Canada, there’s no better place to shop for smart home accessories than Prime Cables. With free shipping to anywhere in Canada available on purchases above $49, you can build your smart home from scratch. Mix and match the accessories you need most!

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