How to build an amazing Home Theater System for a Gamer


For many gamers, their idea of paradise involves settling into a black leather recliner, and being tucked in amongst the immersive sound and theatrical pictures of a home theater system.


So many of us associate home theater systems with movie watching, TV, and sports, but for gamers, the same type of system plays perhaps an even more central role in their consumption experience. Be it an enemy plane soaring across the skies, the sound of gunfire approaching, or the creek of an opening door, building an amazing home theater system for a gamer involves knowing how to integrate the video game console into a surround sound system, among other challenges.


There are some video games today that would rival any blockbuster movie for excitement. More than ever before, it’s important to hear dialogue, soundtracks, the ambience, and the in-game environment. A dedicated gamer’s home theater system maximizes the listening experience and ups the intensity of play simply by knowing what to hook up and where.


Building a home theater system involves first selecting the visual. There are TVs and projectors to choose from, with the least expensive and most adaptable option for game play being a projector. Next, and perhaps most important, there’s the question of audio. This involves not only buying the right home theater speaker system but also, knowing how to properly configure these speakers to the room. In addition, one must know how to program the digital audio settings of the gaming console for maximum compatibility. In anticipation of figuring this out, you may need a couple of hours to do some research into what works for your gaming console and in how to set it up for home theater audio.


When building this gaming home theater monstrosity, don’t be discouraged by the requirement of and difficulty in finding different cables and adapters. Anywhere in Canada, Prime Cables offers a number of cables, adapters, and home theater system accessories. Assemble an order above $49 and receive free shipping to anywhere in the country. For any issues with cables and/or if you need a specialized adapter to hook up the gaming console, speakers, or projector, look no further than Prime Cables, Canada’s #1 seller of home theater system cables.


Building a home theater system for gaming provides a thrill ride that you won’t find anywhere else. Though it may take some time to get the in-console settings correct and in getting the cables set up, once complete, you’ll have a very impressive space on your hands!

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